Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Leader and Rock Pioneer, Dead at 71

October 27, 2013 at 6:51 pm (music, Rosie B, song)

Sad news.

I thought his Berlin too glamorously decadent for words, and Walk on the Wild Side had a real sweetness and warmth about people who most would have regarded as depraved deadbeats.


  1. Lou Reed, Velvet Underground Leader and Rock Pioneer, Dead at 71 | OzHouse said,

    […] Oct 27 2013 by admin […]

  2. Mick O said,

    Sad news indeed. Transformer was his best work in my view. I was fortunate enough to see him live at the Who show at Charlton FC in 1974. He appeared to be totally out of it but still managed to put on a classy set. The years have dimmed the memory a little and only Sweet Jane and Walk on the Wild Side stand out. A true pioneer gone.

  3. Rosie B said,

    I turned up for his show in Wellington, New Zealand. NZ was a remote place for artists to go to, and big acts were rare. However, he didn’t show – out of it, probably – and we had our tickets refunded.

  4. daniel young said,

    He did Rosie.Came on the first night walking on to the intro to Sweet Jane.Didint carry his guitar line looked at the audience and said,”just heard a friend of mine just died’ and some dude in the audience called out ‘ get OVER IT”and Lou gave him some shit back.Came back the next night though,and was fantastic.Could have been due to him cruising the Wellington chemists and finding pinkies for sale for ten bucks for half dozen (pinkies where sold over the counter in those days in N.Z.as a slimming aid,speed pills got you so wasted kept you awake for hours and closed down your appetite.

    R.I.P LOU..

  5. daniel young said,

    Where you on the Pinkies Rosie.He did come back the next night.

    • Rosie B said,

      It’s not the drugs but the years that’s made me forget he came back the next night. But I didn’t go – too disgruntled I think.

  6. truelabour said,

    Reblogged this on truelabour.

  7. R F McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    Only saw him once live at Albert Hall about ten years ago where he was wearing a pair of ridiculous black leather trousers which kept slipping down his bony old man hips and had to be constantly hitched up.

    So while he was playing all my favourite songs all I could think of was why the hell couldn’t Lou have bought a belt…..

    On a more positive note at least when he was going through his ‘radical’ New York phase in the early nineties he actually played at and helped organise a strike benefit:


    Plus his Zionism (also evident on New York) was rewarded by someone in Israel naming a spider after him.

  8. finbar said,

    he! BAB tack a walk on the wild side.

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