Free Iranian trade unionist Shahrokh Zamani!

September 25, 2013 at 10:11 pm (AWL, Civil liberties, good people, Human rights, Iran, posted by JD, solidarity, unions, workers)

From Workers Liberty:

The Iranian government: Free Shahrokh Zamani 

Iranian trade unionist Shahrokh Zamani has been imprisoned since June 2011.

His crime? Attempting to build independent trade unions to stand up for his and fellow workers’ rights.

Sharokh, a member of the Painters’ Union, was charged with “propaganda”, “endangering national security”, and “participating in an illegal organisation”.

International human rights organisations say that Shahrokh has been physically and psychologically abused, denied medication, and denied visitors.

Shahrokh is a class-war prisoner. If we allow the Iranian state to get away with crushing him, it will be a defeat for all those fighting for workers’ rights in Iran, and around the world.

Between now and January 2014, we will be seeking to collect 10,000 signatures in workplaces, universities, colleges, schools, and communities to demand Shahrokh’s release.

You can download the petition we’re using (it includes an address to post completed sheets back to) and a copyable leaflet explaining the campaign from here. For the online petition see here.

Please support the campaign. Email or ring 07775 763 750 for more information. Visit the campaign website here.

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