Learn to live with terrorism – the Simon Jenkins way!

September 24, 2013 at 4:25 pm (apologists and collaborators, Beyond parody, Champagne Charlie, Guardian, intellectuals, jerk, libertarianism, relativism, terror)

1/ Whatever you do, don’t “over-react”: that’s the cause of terrorism in the first place.

2/ Don’t gather together in crowds.

3/ Don’t hold marathons.

4/ Do not build shopping malls, hotels or churches.

5/ Don’t overdo surveillance.

6/ Keep a “sense of proportion”: defending yourself only invites retaliation.

You think this is a joke? It’s not.

Update Rosie:-

7/ Keep calm and carry on.

8/ Run about waving your arms and screaming.


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    Now, now. At least he’s having a go at Cameron.

    My enemy’s enemy and all that,,,

  2. Rosie B said,

    Besides Jenkins’ piece of fatuity there have been two other idiotic CIF pieces re the Nairobi massacres/

    1. – it’s all about corruption

    “al-Shabaab is really attacking the very idea of capitalism”


    2. it’s about tabloid constructions of female hate figures


    Gem of a paragraph:-

    “Her transgressions are plentiful: she converted to Islam, took the veil and a Muslim name, married a black and notoriously radical convert, and is the mother of mixed-race children.”

    No – the “transgressions” that those brutes of tabloid readers are objecting to are her being suspected of murdering a bunch of people in Nairobi. Oh , and the “notoriously radical convert” – why not murdering Jihadist”? It’s not really bigotry to suspect that a woman who marries a suicide bomber is dodgy.

    But – astonishing – here’s an article that someone hasn’t just pulled out of their backside but which actually gives some background and even stresses that Islamism may have played a part in these events!

    The commenters in the thread are reeling in shock at an informed and reasoned piece.


  3. Andrew Coates said,

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