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September 5, 2013 at 7:22 pm (blogging, bloggocks, Feminism, Guest post, jerk, misogyny, Pink Prosecco, publications, sexism, wankers, women)

Guest post Pink Prosecco.

On Socialist Unity I have just read what struck me as a sensible and sympathetic review by Phil B C of Laurie Penny’s new book Cybersexism.

Before long John Wight (above – note left hand), scourge of moralisers, is muscling in below the line:

“There is nothing wrong with a good filthy fuck. Men and women are primal animals and lust is both healthy and entirely natural.

What is unnatural is the demonisation of sex.

I think this latest moral panic over porn is exactly that: an artificially whipped up moral panic with a political objective at its heart.”

Actually, Wight has said many stupider things, and this made me laugh:

“I don’t [know] about you, but the last thing I think about while approaching orgasm are “workers’ rights”.”

Then I noticed that there were no (identifiable) women commenting on this lively thread. I had a look at all the other posts currently in play, ten in total, attracting (so far) 182 comments  and there were no identifiable women commenting there either.  Funny that.


  1. finbar. said,

    Sex has a multi facet face,all most for looking the same,if its used for exploitation of humanity for capitals profit it is wrong,just the same as used for political gain by sexual preference and its bigot view.

  2. Sue R said,

    Occasionally I dip into Socialist Unity and I think I last saw an identifiable woman posting circa 1987 (I’m bing sarcastic!). The truth is that no identifiable woman ever seem to post there these days, and it’s the same old tired hacks. I think it was Sarah AB who said on here that Tony Collins doesn’t allow debate. John Wight is obviously full of anger about something.

  3. paul maleski said,

    What you are witnessing, is vicious Slakhtal Frankfurt School anti-social warfare at first hand! And they are winning: That is their promotion via. their media of: body painting, gambling, usury, debauchery, easy sex, fig-digging, drug abuse, family destruction, miscegenation etc. Their objective is to exterminate the Caucasoid race. Wake up and look around you!

    • Jim Denham said,

      What the fuck are you on, man?

      • Dave A said,

        You’ve attracted a troll who’s high as a kite on the up to date version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Anti-Semitic Gibberish

  4. paul maleski said,

    Like I typed–look around you. And try to think as an independent human being! And forget all about what people might or not think about you; the myriad surveillance cameras, which concomitantly, imprison both our bodies and thinking space, and the toxic nonsense that has been pumped mercilessly via. the media and drugs into our concussed brains. What do you really feel about multiculturalism and sexual deviance? Is the United Kingdom any happier than it was 50 years ago? I believe Germany is the most popular country today, in which to live in. Apart from Third World savages– Who the hell wants to live in Israel? Not even the jew. Every picture tells a story–And the moral of the story is this–Lay off jewish decadent art and jewish intellectualism.

  5. 657 Mush said,

    As ever, the Maleski troll reveals the Left’s intolerance of free speech. Scratch the pink skin and we are all totalitarian underneath eh?

  6. Rosie B said,

    John Wight had some thoughts that rape laws really should be changed, since they were causing inconvenience to his hero, Julian Assange, and his other hero, George Galloway, when he defended Assange. Those who objected to this stance were feminist imperialists or some other handle which I can’t remember.

  7. Jim Denham said,

  8. paul maleski said,

    On the wrong track!
    British Railways Time Tables aside, which many of us used to regard as risible classic fiction. All I am asking from the authentic my cus ‘mush’ to do, is to put down his poached hedgehog , and lay off the grog. And ask himself a simple question: Are we as a society any happier than we were 50 years ago? My local newspaper is controlled/owned by NewsQuest , Stephen Waley-Cohen may still have an interest in your local rag. Just the same sort of people who control the media at national and international level. Don’t believe me that there is? Too much smut in Hollywood Films, on TV Soap Operas and in the pornographic newspapers. Just who does push out the Frankfurt School Propaganda? As for Free Speech: you definitely ain’t got it; don’t believe me, contact the BBC and tell them that you are fed up with the filth they televise which undermines our traditional way of family life: Grade, Yentob, and co. will cry with laughter. Give it a rest!

    • 657 Mush said,

      The foul Makeski Troll and his deranged uncensored free-speech hate-speak poses a dilemma for us on the rational left: do we stand by and let Maleski and his kind’s dark thoughts pollute the human meme-pool, or do we pick up the gauntlet he has thrown down and look for a solution to his sort of hate-thought? Clearly he should be black-balled from the Internet, but in my view that is not enough. Decent folk need warning when scummers are around. Surely the time has come for Nazi trolls like Maleski to be made to wear bells around their necks to warn decent folk they are approaching. ‘Unclean! Unclean!’ Let’s end this pathetic toleration of intolerance once-and-for all.

  9. Simon Burton said,

    There has been a lot of quite justifiable outrage recently at the failure of the British authorities to progress a single prosecution for Female Genital Mutilation. I wonder if anyone feels this might be due to the inevitability of the defence that male genital mutilation is tolerated. Do we have the courage and integrity to tackle that issue?

    • 657 Mush said,

      The answer is ‘No’, we have neither the courage nor the integrity. We are gagged by anti-semitism.

  10. paul maleski said,

    Ambivalence: Yes and no. The vast majority of jews are not semites. They can be best described as Slakhtals; this is a concoction of Slav, Khazar, and Neandertal Caucasus mountains’ leftovers. 1200 years of chronic incestuous inbreeding in the Shetls and Ghettos, has given us goyim the so called semitic jew. They possess many bizarre traits and genetic disorders, unfortunately honesty is not one of them!

  11. Clive said,

    Jim, I think you need to delete and ban this guy.

    • 657 Mush said,

      I agree wholeheartedly with Clive. We have been too tolerant of free speech. It is a privelege to be earned, not a right to be used brazenly. Luckily we no longer have to resort to book-burning, we can do the equivalent with the touch of the delete key. Delete the witch!

    • Jim Denham said,

      I have banned him several times, but he keeps managing to come back. I’ve deleted many of his comments, but have let others stand because people have replied and made some quite good points. But I’ll try to be more vigilant from now on.

  12. paul maleski said,

    Voltaire–To learn who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize. Harry Heine got it all wrong: First they burn people then their books. Harry Heine’s mob have had plenty of experience of both. This is true because you will not find the evidence in their redacted history books and media.

    • Simon Burton said,

      Steady on there with the witch burning. Maleski is clearly someone with mental health problems and as such I feel he has a right to have his freedom of expression tolerated. I have reasons for thinking his genetic origins may be from the same pool he disparages in which case who are we to censor him?

  13. paul maleski said,

    This is not the forum for imbecilic, irreverent, irrelevant innuendo. At the outset, I prefer the gender friendly, apt term of incineration; ‘Wizard cremation’. Ask yourself who pushed for ‘wimmins lib’ during the sixties? It was non other than the Frankfurt School jewess. And later a few Lesbian trendies’ hangers-on. You know the type, ‘look at me I am queer, I wear macho and got the tattoos to prove it.’ The stereo typical conformist nobody. And what do we end up with? Young, alienated, confused irresponsible white girls getting deliberately gutted by feckless filth; in order to secure state funded accommodation and benefits. Later we witness, a massive rise in the mulatto population and serious crime. And the taxpayer is left to fund this cultural enrichment. Susan Sontag, the Rothschilds and co. started all this nonsense. No more jewish intellectualism! It is killing the white race.

    • 657 Mush said,

      Maleski, there is no white race. That has been scientifically proven by social scientists. Thinking there is a white race is in itself racist. However, I defend your right to express your views.

      • Simon Burton said,

        In the midst of all this controversy, I notice that no one has responded to my original challenge – do we have the moral courage and integrity to tackle Male Genital Mutilation? The silence is deafening!

  14. paul maleski said,

    Just who are these social scientists? Don’t tell me! It’s not by any chance The Frankfurt School: Boas, Reich, Horkheimer and co. Don’t you smell a rat? Ask yourself which race has ruthlessly enforced its own racial preservation for thousands of years? Whilst encouraging every other race to do the complete opposite. Their mantra: Open legs, oafish dregs and open borders for everyone except their chosen selves.

    • Simon Burton said,

      Proper, qualified scientists with sociology and race studies PhDs have proven by peer reviewed scientific methodology and social scientific experiments that there is no white race! Some of them have even written books on it. The only racial characteristic white people share is racism. You can’t argue with that. Are you saying that social science isn’t a real science, like physics and stuff?

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