Today, we celebrate with Malala

July 12, 2013 at 5:09 pm (anti-fascism, children, Civil liberties, Education, good people, Human rights, Jim D, Sheer joy, solidarity, truth, UN, women, youth)

From A World At School

Sign Malala's birthday card

16 years old today…

…and here’s her inspirational speech to the UN today:

Shame, shame, shame on those people on the so-called “left” who’ve ever expressed any degree of sympathy, support  for, or ‘contextualisation’ of the actions of, the child-killers and gynophobic barbarians of the Taliban: yes, I mean you fucking shower, the SWP, Workers Power, the ISG and degenerate ‘Labour’ MP Jeremy Corbyn.


  1. Andrew Coates said,

    I found it extremely moving too.

  2. Andrew Coates said,

    Talking of showers, here’s the latest from the almost forgotten Socialist Action:

  3. R F McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    As the handing back of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the erosion of what women’s rights there were there continues apace I am not altogether sure what there is to celebrate other than that this one true heroine survived.

    Any life she has now must surely be spent in exile and while I hope she will be a great global campaigner for women’s rights I wish I could believe that there was anything significant that can be done now for her poor sisters in Afghanistan itself.

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