Live news from the Egytian left and workers’ movement

June 30, 2013 at 10:13 am (Egypt, Human rights, internationalism, Jim D, Middle East, protest, solidarity, unions, workers)

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The #EgyWorkers Daily

Egypt: joint statement – ‘together we will bring down the regime’

          Shared by       ArabSpringWorkerSoli

    – Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions, the Permanent Congress of Workers in Alexandria, the Revolutionary Socialists, Rebel Movement, the Egyptian Centre for Social and Economic Rights Re…

Egypt: Mahalla workers join rebellion, reject privatisation plans

         Shared by       ArabSpringWorkerSoli – Pictures from Revolutionary Youth Coalition, Mahalla (via Facebook) Thousands of workers from the giant textile mill in Mahalla al-Kubra marched out of the factory in a protest in solidarity with t…

Opinion: Get ready for Egypt’s ‘second revolution’ –

         Shared by       ArabSpringWorkerSoli – Editor’s note: Cynthia Schneider is a professor in the practice of diplomacy at Georgetown University, dean at the School of Diplomacy at Dubrovnik International University and a senior nonresident…

Egypt: A revolution betrayed

         Shared by       ArabSpringWorkerSoli – Two years on from the revolution that ousted Hosni Mubarak, democracy still eludes Egypt. Independent trade unions are supressed; street children are arrested and tortured; female protestors are at…


  1. Andrew Coates said,

    Once again Shiraz comes up trumps one what’s on all of our minds.

  2. Howard Fuller said,

    I notice that the “Joint statement” was signed by the SWP’s “sister” group in Egypt, the “Revolutionary Socialists”.

    The SW site is running an article currently backing their “comrades” call to bring down the regime.

    Pity they don’t allow comments, it would be useful to reminding the Prof and his crew that both Socialist Worker and the RS called for a vote for, who was it now? Oh Yeah Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood, on the grounds that they could be “controlled by pressure from the streets” or some such nonsense.

    These people never learn. Its only a few weeks since they backed the Islamic fascists in Bangladesh:

    Regretfully they are not the only ones on the so-called left that have a soft spot for these types of clerical facsists. There’s Galloway & Respect, Socialist Unity for starters.

    It seems to me there is an urgent need to revive the concept of secularism on the left

  3. Andrew Coates said,

    If the analysis followed by the AWL and (I would say it is since I have been writing on the same lines since the dawn of the Arab Spring) we at a crucial moment for the left:

    A great progressive movement for democratic and social change is underway.

    Our beloved comrades in Egypt should be given absolute support.

    As Marxists our duty is support these movements.

    Need we need reminding that the SWP called for a vote for Morsi in the second round of the Egyptian Presidential elections?

    • Howard Fuller said,

      Dunno about Marxists, but certainly as a democrat and a secularist I would concur with Andrew on the need to (a) back the movement against Morsi and (b) continue to expose the charlatans on the left that back reaction.

      Also The FT has published a report that the Army has made an intervention of issuing the “politicians” with an ultimatum to sort out the crisis with 48 hours to “meet the demands of the people or it will impose a road map”.

  4. Jimmy Glesga said,

    The Islamist rebel controlled areas in Syria are imposing Sharia. Murdering anyone that oposes it. Down with Morsi down with fascist Islam and Sharia.

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