Seymour: “In practical terms, we’re all reformists”

June 10, 2013 at 10:15 pm (Beyond parody, blogosphere, capitulation, ex-SWP, jerk, Jim D, reformism, statement of the bleedin' obvious)

Well, who’d of thunk it, eh?

What a banal, pompous, pretentious, self-important mediocrity and shower of shite.

I suppose this means his career as a “commentator” in the Guardian will now be unencumbered by old-fashioned “revolutionary” baggage.

Lenin’s rolling over in his Tomb.


  1. Max said,

    I suspect the point he was trying to make was that because the radical left is so weak at present, only reforms are possible – until a much more favourable set of circumstances arise. I also suspect he is right.

  2. Eric said,

    Wait, I thought we’re all Hezbelloh now…. What a gasbag. Someone from the SWP talking about how we don’t have to “run everything” is hysterical on a thousand fronts.

  3. Pete Smith said,

    So basically the ISN have decided that they aren’t interested in having political discussions with the AWL and this is your ‘political’ response, presumably Richard Seymour wouldn’t be subject to any of the descriptions used above if the ISN and AWL were engaged in political discussions ?

  4. R F McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,


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