Tatchell: oppose ALL fascism

June 1, 2013 at 12:59 am (anti-fascism, Harry's Place, Human rights, islamism, Jim D, Peter Tatchell, Racism, solidarity, terror, thuggery, Uncategorized)

This statement from Peter Tatchell  first appeared at Harry’s Place, a site we don’t usually have much in common with. But in this case, it’s impossible to disagree:

The BNP & EDL claim to oppose Islamist extremist bigotry but in reality they generalise and abuse all Muslims. Many of their protests are menacing, even violent.

Islam is not the main problem. Islamist fundamentalism and violent jihad are what we should focus on opposing. It is important to make a clear distinction between Muslims and Islamist extremists. Don’t confuse the two. Unite to isolate the main threats: the Islamist far right and its BNP and EDL equivalents.

I support today’s Unite Against Fascism (UAF) counter-protest against the BNP. But UAF is not consistent. UAF commendably opposes the BNP and EDL but it is silent about Islamist fascists who promote anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism and sectarian attacks on non-extremist Muslims.

This silence and inaction by the UAF is a shocking betrayal of Muslim people – abandoning them to the Islamist far right.

Islamist fascists want to overthrow democracy, establish a clerical dictatorship, suppress human rights and kill Muslims who don’t conform to their hard-line interpretation of Islam.

It is time the UAF campaigned against the Islamist far right, as well as against the EDL and BNP far right.


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    Tatchell doesn’t have a particularly brilliant record (although, if that’s a recent photo, he’s worn well).

    He assumes that the secularist notion of “right” (and “left” for that matter) which was created in the French Revolution can equally be applied to religious fanaticism. If he wishes to engage in dialogue with Muslims, that may not be a helpful approach.

    But then, that may not be his intention.

    • Ian said,

      I don’t agree with your criticism of Tatchell, but I do agree we need a new term for this kind of religious extremism, as fascism has a specific meaning and doesn’t do justice to the fanatical ideas of islamist extremists.

  2. Modernity's Ghost said,

    Killingworth is spouting nonsense again.

    Peter Tatchell has an excellent record on human rights.

    Whatever you think of him, he is consistent.

    He pours scorn on the British government, the US, Russia (who many anti-imperialists seem incapable of criticising), Middle Eastern governments, etc.

    That upsets the cranky Left with their myopia.

    You can argue about his tactics, he’s a bit too abrupt for me sometimes, but he is sincere.

    And you can’t say that of the opportunist remnants, throwbacks to another era and ” anti-imperialists” that make up a chunk of the ever decreasing cranky Left.

  3. Andrew Coates said,

    Tatchell is right, and that’s that.

    Meanwhile, “All the world media talking about Turkey, except Turkish media. This is a simple proof of AKP’s dictatorship #occupytaksim #occupyturkey.”


    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,


      BTW it is ‘Ottoman’ not ‘Ottaman’.

      • Andrew Coates said,

        Not in my dictionary (published by Shakspere & Co. 1834)

      • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

        Based on google ngram ‘ottaman’ while it may have been a valid transliteration of the original Turkish term (which was written in the Arabic alphabet which has no proper vowels at all – thus the many spellings of Muhammad or Gadaffi) was so rare that it doesn’t register at all in any books published in English.

        Whereas ‘Ottoman’ was clearly the standard spelling from at least the eighteenth century.

        For instance while Gibbon’s Decline and Fall has many spellings which look highly eccentric now he uses ‘Ottoman’ throughout.

        Plus it’s a word I learned from my mum who had one at the end of her bed….

  4. Jimmy Glesga said,

    There would be no EDL if there was no Islamic fascism. However it would be nice to see tens of thousands of the ‘moderate muslims’ taking to the streets and condemning the so called fundamentalists. They do adhere to the same book. So maybe the so called moderates will want to rewrite the book and remove the nasty hate Jihad bits. Aye.

    • Modernity's Ghost said,

      “There would be no EDL if there was no Islamic fascism. “

      Typical bullshit from one of the resident xenophobic, Jimmy Glesga.

      Self evidently, the EDL would exist irrespective of anything else, as they are yet another incarnation of British neofascism.

      This far right scum lose no opportunity to rebrand themselves and garner support, but only the politically literate or those sympathetic to the EDL would try to confuse this issue.

      • Jimmy Glesga said,

        Mod’s Ghost. Give some clear evidence of the EDL pre 9/11.

      • Jimmy Glesga said,

        Islam is further to the right than the EDL.

  5. Glasgow (Liberation From) Liberation Front said,

    Fuck off Glasga

    • Jimmy Glesga said,

      Glesga East End Liberation looking for a job say fuck aff tae Glasgow Liberation splitters and Fascist Islamists.

      • GLF (LF) said,

        I bet you march against the White Settlers, as far as you can march in your own sofa. Settler Watch was for me always like some kind of anti-antacid-campaign, a bit like the anti-antifa.

      • GLF (LF) said,

        Is it a coincidence that your icon here is like a swastika with a question mark in the middle?

  6. Jimmy Glesga said,

    It should be the left that are leading the fight against Islamic fascists and not the EDL. Shame on the redundant left.

  7. Jimmy Glesga said,

    GLF(LF) Surely not another disguise Ellis!

  8. Modernity's Ghost said,


    I appreciate that you are immensely tolerant and a great believer in freedom of speech, but is there any benefit to providing bigots like Jimmy Glesga an outlet? Any real benefit?

    His words largely go unchallenged.

    If you can conceive that various unsavoury types, such as SteveH and Ellis, exploit the conflicts in the Middle East to satisfy their own prejudices against Jews?

    Then the same holds true for bigots like Jimmy Glesga when it comes to Muslims, etc

    I do wish that political activists would be more attuned to these various strains of prejudice, either anti-Jewish or anti-Muslim

    • Jimmy Glesga said,

      Mod you are an exceedingly good blawhard with an ego. I think Jim lives in the real world and not your chosen fantasy one where people are not being slaughtered daily in the name of Islam. It has nothing to do with bigotry or prejudice just reality. The young man that had his face smashed in with a meat clever in the name of Islam was just a Hollywood movie for you.

  9. The ironically named ‘Unite Against Fascism’. | Oh no, he's gone and got himself a blog... said,

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