‘Bitter fruit’ this time as well?

May 22, 2013 at 11:45 pm (apologists and collaborators, assassination, crime, fascism, islamism, Jim D, London, mental health, murder, reaction, SWP, terror)

Remind you of anything?

This, for instance:

Horror in the United States: Bitter fruit of US policy

Socialist Worker, Sat 15 Sep 2001

The full horror of the attacks in the US was breaking as Socialist Worker went to press. Very many innocent people had been killed or injured.

Nobody knew for sure on Tuesday who was responsible. If it was people from the Middle East it will be because they believe, wrongly, that it is the only way to respond to the horrors they have suffered from the US and other governments. The tragic scenes in New York and Washington are the bitter fruits of policies pursued by the US state.

US president George Bush spoke of terrorist outrages on Tuesday. Yet the state he heads has been responsible for burying men, women and children under piles of rubble. Ten years ago his father sent hundreds of US planes to bomb Iraqi civilians night after night during the Gulf War. They killed over 100,000 civilians and conscripts—’collateral damage’ in the US’s war for oil.

Two years ago the US and NATO bombed towns and cities in Serbia and Kosovo for 78 days. Children, hospital patients, old people—all these and more had as little warning that bombs were about to drop on them as did those who died in the US this week. And the US, backed by Tony Blair, imposes a murderous embargo on the people of Iraq, backed by frequent bombing raids.

In Israel the US supports Ariel Sharon, a war criminal. Israel has murdered over 600 Palestinians in the 11 months of the intifada (uprising). Faced with the might of the US, some people can become so desperate that they try to fight back against this military giant with the limited weapons they have to hand.

They do not have Cruise missiles—so they take to turning a hijacked airliner into a suicide bomb instead. It is not a method that can break US power. Some military officials would have suffered from the explosion at the Pentagon. But many more innocent civilians were killed in New York and Washington. Tuesday’s suicide raids were born of desperation at the supreme arrogance and contempt of the rulers of the most powerful capitalist state on Earth.

In 1998 the US responded to a bomb attack on its embassies in Kenya and Tanzania by blowing up the only medicine factory in the desperately poor country of Sudan, and by bombing Afghanistan. It will be looking for similar revenge now. That will drive more people to hate the US.

It is the responsibility of everyone who is revolted at the lethal world order the US and its allies sit at the top of to offer a way forward. It needs to be based on the mass collective power of ordinary people across the world, and targeted precisely at our rulers.


  1. rebeccalesses said,

    The quote from SW reminds me again of why I washed my hands of the left after 9/11.

  2. Monsuer Jelly More Bounce to the Ounce (Much More Bounce) said,

    he sounds like a cocknee. A real stab city fuckkwitt.

    • daniel said,

      But a responder to the lefts that is what we should do.A dissilutional header fired by the british left blogs and their understanding.How sad the britsh left is attempting its dislocation from these actions that its arm chair stalwarts cry for and support by their seat comfort care.

  3. Blaise Cendrars (@smileyfacemug) said,

    ‘the only way to respond to the horrors they have suffered from the US and other governments.’

    Yeah, Osama bin Laden only came from the second-wealthiest family in Saudi Arabia. Oh, the indignities he must have suffered…

  4. Andrew Coates said,

    I’ve got the Tendance’s response in before the SWP or the StWC have issued anything on the Web: http://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2013/05/23/on-the-woolwich-murder/

  5. Andrew Coates said,

    The STWC have issued their statement – I could have written it myself on the basis of the above Socialist Worker article. Have incorporated it…

  6. Modernity's Ghost said,

    Galloway, the SWP and various Stalinists at SU blog are essentially political ghouls. They feed off of the misery and death of others

    That is now the twisted nature of their politics.

    When you start off with an “end justify means” type of politics then these disgusting attitudes are where you end up.

    None of this should come as a surprise to anyone who has followed their antics with any degree of attention over the years.

  7. Alex Ross said,

    Good piece Andrew.

  8. max said,

    If it weren’t for those wicked swuppies this tragedy would never have happened.

  9. Rosie said,

    Comment 8 joins the short list for the Award for Most Inane Comment on any subject ever.

  10. max said,

    Gee, sorry if i disrupted your little condemnatory circle jerk, Rosie. I’d suggest, though, that if the first thing to spring to mind following a story about a public beheading is a socialist worker article from 2001, you’re a bit fucked in the head.

    • Howard Fuller said,

      The SWP haven’t chaged since 2001 having read Charlie Kimbers nonsense on their website today.

      They don’t want to upset the fundamentalists.

      Still they have the (lack) of respect for womens rights in common.

  11. Modernity's Ghost said,

    You don’t really, honestly, seriously think that SWPers (or ex-SWPers) are going to consider this issue with any insight and self-awareness?

    Come on, they haven’t changed much since 1977, if not before

  12. What do we bicker about, when bickering about ‘terrorism’? | Liberal Conspiracy said,

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  13. Liberal Conspiracy: What do we bicker about, when bickering about ‘terrorism’? | moonblogsfromsyb said,

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  14. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    Actually had either psycho picked up that copy of SW rather than The Koran for Dummies and actually been converted to the True Cliffite Evangel by the wisdom therein they’d be apologizing for terrorists from the comfort of their armchairs right now rather than lying chained to ICU beds wondering where all the virgin dancing girls have got to.

    Indeed has any British Trot propagandist ever had like Yeats to:

    …lie awake night after night
    And never get the answers right.
    Did that play of mine send out
    Certain men the English shot?
    Did words of mine put too great strain
    On that woman’s reeling brain?
    Could my spoken words have checked
    That whereby a house lay wrecked?

    I think the answer to that is almost certainly no – and a good thing too.

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