Bedroom tax suicide: “the only people to blame are the Government”

May 13, 2013 at 8:01 pm (benefits, Cuts, Jim D, Tory scum, tragedy)

From The Mirror website:

Stephanie Bottrill suicide note

Ten days ago Stephanie Bottrill sat in the redbrick terrace house which had  been home for 18 years to write notes to her loved ones, the  Sunday People reports.

She ripped the pages from a spiral-bound notebook and placed them neatly in  little brown envelopes.

There was one for her son. Another for her daughter. Her mother. Friends. And  a very special one for the year-old grandson she doted on.

Then in the early hours of last Saturday Stephanie, 53, left her home for the  last time, leaving her cat Joey behind as the front-door clicked shut.

She crossed her road in Meriden Drive, Solihull, to drop one of her letters  and her house keys through a neighbour’s letterbox. Then she walked 15 minutes  through the sleeping estate to Junction 4 of the M6.

And at 6.15am she walked straight into the path of a northbound lorry and was  killed instantly. Stephanie Bottrill had become the first known suicide victim  of the hated Bedroom  Tax.

In the letter to her son, Steven, 27, she had written: “Don’t blame yourself  for me ending my life. The only people to blame are the Government.”

Read the full article,  from the Mirrorhere


  1. Jimmy Glesga said,

    I feel sorry for the working class lorry driver. She obviously thought the government should run her life from cradle to grave. Hopefully her son will be switched on to politics and reality. Maybe her son should have been supportive!!

    • Sara Bersani said,

      You are a mix of the worst ideological shit from the left and the right.
      Congratulations (now piss off)

      • Mike Killingworth said,

        Don’t feed the animals…

      • daniel said,

        Feed the brickies as that wall gets battered.Understand what socialist care is about,pull down the wall with your hands,not some killing tool in your hands.Who is this socialist fool.

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