Morning Star: “Ukip does speak for ordinary voters on one issue…”

May 6, 2013 at 4:04 pm (anti-fascism, Anti-Racism, Europe, Jim D, stalinism, strange situations, UKIP)

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Letter to the Morning Star:

Dear Comrades,
I’m glad to see that today’s editorial (M Star May 4) “Ukip success a wake-up call” takes the rise of these far-right xenophobes seriously: it certainly marks an improvement on the previous editorial on the subject (M Star 30 April) which assured us that “Ukip’s just a distraction.”
    However, it’s a great pity that you feel obliged to suggest that Ukip’s anti-EU stance is somehow progressive: “Ukip does speak for ordinary voters on one issue – withdrawal from the EU.”
    Instead of offering such an endorsement to Ukip’s central policy (intimately bound up with its hostility to immigrants), perhaps the Morning Star should be seriously reconsidering its own doomed attempt to dress up the anti-EU cause in “progressive” garb?
          JIM DENHAM
NB: I see that, to its  credit, the Star has decided to publish my letter. No doubt there’ll be some wacky responses.


  1. c said,

    Why should Britain have mass immigration? We have unemployment issues right now and do we have enough jobs for immigrants? Or houses? Don’t think so.

    • paul fauvet said,

      Yes, clearly we have to get rid of all those evil immigrants. Perhaps we can start with the ones from Italy who came over in 43 AD, before moving onto the ones from Germany who arrived in the fifth century, and those impertinent French who pitched up on these shores in 1066.

      • Jimmy Glesga said,

        Let the Chinese stay but get rid of the Irish.

  2. Rob said,

    When our economic muscle is threatened, don’t we usually organise a war? And isn’t right-wing nationalist sabre-rattling usually the precursor?

  3. Modernity's Ghost said,


    This is the perennial problem with anti-EU sentiment, how it feeds into Daily Mailism and wider British xenophobia.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    Robert Griffiths (Gen Sec of the remnants of the Brit “Communist Party” writes:

    …And your point is, Robert????

    • Jimmy Glesga said,

      I do not know what his point was but it was a good bit of history WORTH READING of UKIP.

  5. C said,

    Just answer the question, do we have enough housing or jobs? And btw this has nothing to do with skin colour or whatever ok? Wanting to leave the EU is not racist.

    • Modernity's Ghost said,

      The problem with the likes of “C” is lack of basic skills, an inability to be able to differentiate between the word: “racist” and “xenophobe”.

  6. paul fauvet said,

    C, first why don’t you use your real name? And, second there aren’t enough jobs or houses for the people who are already here. One solution to this problem is to pull up the drawbridge, ban anyone else from coming in and maybe expel some of those whom you regard as surplus to requirements. An alternative solution, favoured by me and, I suspect, most contributors to this blog, would be to create more jobs and build more houses. Indeed a crash programme to build cheap houses for ordinary people could create tens of thousands of jobs. I don’t suppose you ever thought of that.

  7. Clive said,

    You know one thing I can’t stand? It’s people coming from south of the river taking North Londoners’ jobs. Actually, come to think of it, why do those bastards from Tottenham think it’s okay to work in or – Jesus! – move to Hackney! Fuck off!

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