Measles: single jab quackery

April 24, 2013 at 7:41 pm (children, conspiracy theories, Daily Mail, health service, Jim D, media, parasites, profiteers, science, Tory scum, truth, youth)

It is now universally accepted by competent health professionals that the MMR triple vaccination jab is the safest protection presently possible against measles, mumps and rubella. The present outbreak of measles in South Wales is entirely attributable to the discredited (and probably fraudulent) “research” of Andrew Wakefield in 1998, falsely linking the MMR jab with autism. Wakefield’s dodgy “research” was widely promoted by the Daily Mail and other media (including the South Wales Evening Post) from the moment it first appeared until well into the 2000’s, even after Wakefield’s “research” was officially discredited and the man himself struck off.  As a direct result teenagers who did not receive the two MMR jabs that are required, as infants, are now the main group suffering from infection.

But still opportunist quacks are (literally) cashing in on the fears of gullible parents: The Children’s Immunisation Centre (see below) ran a clinic last weekend in Swansea supplying the less effective single measles vaccination privately for £110 for each jab plus a £50 registration fee. MMR is available on the NHS free of charge.

The Children’s Immunisation Centre website gives telephone numbers for private clinics offering single measles jabs in England and in Swansea and also links to old newspaper articles suggesting an autism link to the MMR vaccine.

It also claimed that the single vaccines are “the only safe option” to immunise against measles – but that demonstrably false claim has now been removed from their website.

Why has no government minister spoken out against these quacks? In particular, why has health minister Jeremy Hunt had nothing to say? It surely can’t be because the government rather approves of both “parental choice” and private medicine for profit – or that Hunt himself is on record as being sympathetic towards quackery?

H/t: BBC Wales

The profiteers’ fraudulent publicity, below:

The Children’s Immunisation Centre Ltd operates The Immunisation and Medical Centres. Our centres operate Nationally London, Manchester, Kent, Dartford, Birmingham, Southampton, (Leeds-Harrogate, Nottingham-Sheffield Coming Soon), has been specialising for ten years  on all types of vaccinations but particularly  in single vaccinations against  Measles, Mumps, Rubella: MMR single vaccinations; baby jabs and other childhood and new vaccinations to protect adults and children in the UK, and for all your travel vaccinations such as Yellow Fever ,Typhoid rabies and Cholera to name but a few.

We are particularly proud of our 100 per cent safety record and have over 18,000 registered patients and we are one of the UKs largest and friendliest injectables company.

Our group was established in 2002, and for the last 10 years has brought PEACE OF MIND to thousands of patients for affordable private single baby jabs of single Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR single jab vaccinations) -currently no mumps vaccine available in the UK.

All our thousands of patients are healthy, with no autism, no hospitalizations or fits (anaphylaxis shock) no febrile convulsions. We have a 100% Safety Record and have given over 70,000 vaccinations.(over 18,000 patients)

Our Measles, Mumps, Rubella single jab (MMR single jabs) immunisation clinic was the first private health clinic to obtain its Care Quality Commission. We have been independently audited and checked by  Care Quality Commission Assessors;



Our clinics are in Birmingham, London Harley Street, Manchester,  Kent-Dartford, Southampton, (Leeds-Harrogate, Nottingham-Sheffield Coming Soon). All our clinics are open on Saturdays so that parents can conveniently bring their children for their single MMR jabs (single immunisations). It is essential children and adults keep up with all their immunisations and check booster requirements.

Apart from MMR single jabs, we also protect against the following diseases, especially for travelling children. No NHS referral necessary.


  1. Simon Burton said,

    I think you’ve got the wrong take on this one. The campaign to force parents down the MMR route was about saving money, not lives. Expecting a child’s immune system to cope with the stress of producing antibodies to 3 serious illnesses all at once is a reckless abuse and unnecessary risk. Why do you think the Bliars opted out? If the 3 separate vaccines had been made available to working class parents on the NHS we wouldn’t be in this crisis today.

    This is not a left versus right issue, its an authoritarian government versus parental rights issue.

    Simon Burton

    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      Parental rights hardly enter into it as MMR jabs were never compulsory and you always had a perfect right to put your belief in crank anti-science purveyed by the Daily Mail above your children’s health and safety,

      And should the NHS spend millions pandering to cranks peddling not just an anti-science but an anti-NHS and anti-working class agenda?

      As for the Blairs will all know about their personal credulity as represented by their long relationship with new age quackette Carole Caplin,

    • Stephen said,

      Complete baloney – what about the rights of those who are hospitalised by measles. What about the rights of those below the innoculation age who catch one of these diseases which become prevalent because of the lack of effective innoculation – and please don’t say that it doesn’t happen.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    Sorry, Simon: the science is overwhelmingly on the side of MMR as the safest possible option. Children’s health and lives should not be put at risk by nutty “parental rights” fanatics and the Daily Mail.

    Worse still, the ultra-vulnerable (eg young cancer sufferers and pregnant women) are being put at risk by the absence of “herd” (I prefer “community”) immunisation.

    MMR should be compulsory for all except those with real medical grounds for exemption. “Parental rights” are a nonsense in this situation: children’s rights (and lives) are what matter.

  3. Ian Taylor said,

    On purely medical grounds the MMR vaccine is the safest option. A point well made in a recent article by Martin Robbins in The Staggers:

    We can speculate all we like about whether Leo Blair had the MMR vaccine or three separate doses, but even if he didn’t get the single jab the point is irrelevant. The decision would have been made by his mother and as we all know she is a crank and would have taken advice from the even more loopy Carole Chaplin on this one.

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