Guardian Goggles

April 1, 2013 at 11:36 am (Guardian, Rosie B, Uncategorized)

Because life’s too short to think for yourself.

The Guardian will do your thinking while you do your living.


  1. daggi said,

    A lot of self-reflection went into that April Fool…

    • Guardian is Der Sturmer for North London Nazis said,

      Not enough self reflection by half.

      Guardian Goggles – so you can see everything through antisemitic glasses. Think like the HAMAS!* Genocidal racist intent at the touch of a button.

      Who still reads Der Guardian? NeoNazis seeking the veneer of liberal respectability? Holocaust revisionists seeking validation (see their delightfully sympathetic interviews with Atzmon and friends)?

      (*At my last count they had published five editorials by HAMAS. French and German friends of mine assert that the paper would have been closed down for that in their countries)

  2. Jim Denham said,

    I thought BMW’s spoof ad was funnier (though perhaps less believable):

    The Times had this (which wouldn’t have fooled any ‘Flashman’ fans):
    The Times reports the discovery of the writings of Captain Jasper Speedicut, a Victorian officer stationed in India and the near East, which has been hailed by historians yesterday as the greatest such find in 50 years.

    Elspeth Morrison, Professor Emeritus of Sexual Relations in British Regimental History (1821-75) at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, said: “They provided an extraordinary insight into the life of a real soldier who somehow, against all plausibility, fought in all the major expeditions of the period.”

    Speedicut found himself at the centre of 19th century Britain’s military adventures — not least in his work countering Russian espionage in Central Asia, a campaign referred to as the Great Game. However, historians believed that Speedicut — who was at Rugby School with Flashman — had left no written record of his activities.

  3. james L davis said,

    whats coming next Reenactments of Masters of falconhurst as they make tjeir every evening vists to pinktoes,chocolate,bronze tan,redbone,highyaller,octroon and Quadroon concubines and wenches if you Know what i mean!

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