SWP v anti-rape campaigners

March 31, 2013 at 9:44 am (Feminism, homelessness, Jim D, misogyny, protest, sectarianism, strange situations, SWP, thuggery, women)

A very unfortunate and, it seems, very nasty confrontation between SWP stewards and anti-rape campaigners at the Bedroom Tax demo in Glasgow yesterday. This footage isn’t, perhaps, conclusive proof of SWP culpability, so we’d appreciate comments from anyone who was there.

The person who took the film and posted it on Youtube, writes: “i should make it clear, i only got my camera out after the stewards started to push people back and started all this off, i hadn’t gone intending to record anything, just show my opposition to the bedroom tax.”

See also:http://twtrland.com/profile/glebbityshem

and https://twitter.com/CathElliott

H/t: Mod and Jelly (an unlikely pair…)


  1. daggi said,

    “SWP Stewards” who are wearing PCS (and did I see the RMT logo as well?) jackets…

  2. Bomfire of the Cults said,

    `Anti-rape’ protestors? Are there pro-rape protestors? A bunch of sectarian feminists with Stalinist and Zioinist backing shouting at the SWP idiots whilst Tommy Sheridan gets back in the self-promotion saddle. Meanwhile actual people on the front line of Tory attacks try to organise a fightback. This blog is scum.

  3. Modernity's Ghost said,

    I wonder if “Bomfire of the Cults” is another Comrade delta rape apologist?

  4. Bomfire of the Cults said,

    Comrade Delta should have gone to the police himself if he wanted to clear his name. Now he is guilty whatever he does and serves him right. The SWP CC are guilty of protecting their own but a bunch of sectarian feminists who think an accusation is enough to convict and their zionist and stalinists backers are part of the problem not the solution. You I believe are a zionist genocidal cu nt so I don’t know what the fu ck you are banging on about. You are an apologist for some of the worst crimes in history.

  5. Modernity's Ghost said,

    Oh “Bomfire of the Cults” is the racist, Dave Ellis.

    His syntax should have told me earlier.

    Ellis is probably reading David Duke’s material nowadays, or maybe Paul Eisen’s crap, for pointers.

  6. Ann-Onymous said,

    I was one one the women, I can’t speak for the others, I’m not part of any left group, although I am a community campaigner, I just hate violence against women and the marginalisation of us anywhere in society. let alone a zionist/stalinist one. I’m a survivor of rape and took the opportunity to tell that man he was scum. It has taken me a long time to get my voice back after my experience, and i intend to use it. Say what you like, I will not shut up, and I would do it again, even with my arms bruised when I woke up this morning. I do not care about left sects or groups, I just hate rapists and rape apologists, women should not be afraid to be activists anywhere.

  7. Modernity's Ghost said,

    I was going to recommend a Socialist Unity post on the Bedroom tax demo in Scotland, http://tinyurl.com/cbvsq83 (link to smaller cached copy), but it has been deleted by the authors.

    I suppose SU moderators didn’t like how women called out fake socialists and their assorted misogynist allies in that thread.

    It demonstrated the anti-women rights attitudes found above with Dave Ellis and the dinosaurs of the Left: that the bullying women is acceptable.

  8. Modernity's Ghost said,

    I am not the only one to notice:

    “29. WHy has the thread about the anti-bedroom tax demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh been taken down? There was nothing contentious being said!

    Posted by Jimmy Haddow 1 April, 2013 at 8:39 am

    30. Why have comments defending the demo and against the ‘video’ by the secterians/spooks who tried to disrupts the demo been taken down?

    Posted by FU 1 April, 2013 at 11:56 am “


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