Richard III found in car park

February 4, 2013 at 1:53 pm (BBC, history, Jim D, Monarchy, poetry)

They say he wasn’t as bad as Shakespeare and others made out. But still, a Leicester car park seems a good place for royal remains…

Someone from the Reduced Shakespeare Company was on the Today programme this morning, with a rather jolly poem about it all, including the lines “Richard spent his winter of discontent / Buried beneath three feet of cement.”  You can hear it here.


  1. Scott said,

    I was also struck by the pathos of Richard III, a monarch idealised by reactionaries and snobs (worryingly, there’s a Richard III Society down here in New Zealand!), lying under the cement of the carpark of a community centre in an unglamorous Midlands town. I watched Olivier’s Richard III recently and was impressed by how strange it now looks:

    But what did you folks think of the National Theater’s recent revival of Marx’s favourite work by Shakespeare, Timon of Athens? I’m not sure whether Timon has been done justice:
    I agree with G. Wilson Knight that Timon is much more than a bourgeois clown.

  2. Jabez said,

    Well I read all this royal stuff at school and uni. The best thing for these remains is to send them for crushing to a fertilizer company and made into bone meal. At least we can then say that a royal has done something useful for a change.

  3. Jabez said,

    Fee Fi Fo Fum – I smell the stench of a royal clan, – Be it Charles,William,Harry or Ed, – I will grind their bones to make my bread. (And expel the royal residue later in the day).

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