Nooman and “Socialist Unity”: a malignant cult

December 22, 2012 at 5:01 pm (apologists and collaborators, Asshole, AWL, blogging, capitulation, class collaboration, comedy, conspiracy theories, cults, grovelling, Jim D, sectarianism, stalinism, trotskyism)

In his increasingly undignified rightward belly-crawl from the SWP, via Respect, into a sort of incoherent Labourite Stalinism whilst playing the role of tame anti-Trot witch-hunter for unspecified audiences, Andy Nooman at least provides some entertainment this festive season. I was about to say “harmless” entertainment, but his latest ranting on his “Socialist Unity” blog, about the revolutionary left (in this case, the AWL/ Alliance for Workers Liberty) is, by his own  account “a redacted version of something I wrote for another audience.” I wonder who that “other audience” might be?


 My first meme !

Above: Stroppybird’s cat

Nooman’s sub-political tirade is avowedly based upon John  Sullivan’s ‘When This Pub Closes’ which is poor stuff  but at least evinces some political grasp of its subject(s). In fact, Nooman, whether he knows it or not, is more in the tradition of the rank Stalinist ignoramous Denver Walker’s student union-level, scummy little tome ‘Quite Right Mr Trotsky.’

Anyway, there is much to be enjoyed in Nooman’s bile against the revolutionary left and his grovelling to the Labour/TU bureaucracy, but sadly he doesn’t let us link to “Socialist Unity,” so you’ll have to use Google, or copy/paste

The comments are most entertaining as well, including:

* 23.  How inept do you have to be in order to pen a hatchet job that embarrasses yourself more than anybody else? – Patrick Smith

* 123. EDUCATION? DEMOCRACY? ACTIVITY? What a DISGRACE to the left. A disgrace to socialist countries/union leaders/students.

I’m really glad you’ve outed them about all that sexual impropriety.m Who needs facts when you’ve got pure conjecture? I bet they’re all a bunch of filthy deviants. Oh and yes, I heard that Sheffield was particularly bad too. Need castrating, the lot of them – RHuzzah

* 142. Until this article was posted I’d never heard of the AWL, and from reading all the heated posts about occult meetings sexual impropriety and filthy deviants I only have one question.

Where do I sign up? – CJB

* 161. Ok. John [John Wight, Nooman’s antisemitic sidekick – JD] couldn’t care less about someone writing for this blog or its standing among people who used to advocate for it. Andy completely agrees with him. Egal.

A narrowing of vision accompanied by a growing climate of intolerance, abuse and bullying — I for one have seen this movie a couple of times before And know well the last reel.

So no song and dance, just ciao — bella – Kevin Ovenden [former Socialist Unity contributor – JD]

P.S: Check out the attacks on Yours Truly: Nooman can’t even get this attempt at “humour” right, and work out whether I’m Father Ted or Father Jack…


  1. Sarah AB said,

    I find Andy Newman just doesn’t fully compute for me. I always used to find him rather civil – he likes cricket – he has interesting stuff about trade unions, eg Carillion – and (I may be missing something) his views on I/P do not seem extreme. On the other hand – why does he keep on pushing Mao – I actually wondered if it was a kind of self-deprecating joke at one point. And Cuba.

    • Pinkie said,

      I think it’s something to do with ‘actual existing Socialism’. So no, he doesn’t ‘fully compute’.

    • Andrew Coates said,

      I seriously think, (and have taken the trouble to check out this opinion out with local trade unionists with positions in the movement) that Newman has crossed a boundary.

      By naming and attacking named union activists, making in one case a very serious charge relating to the RMT Exec. who are in the AWL he has crossed the norm for tu officials, lay or otherwise.

      I take this very seriously indeed.

      As you probably know:

      That’s apart from his cheap approach to the AWL as a ‘cult’ – though as somebody who’s pretty inexperienced perhaps he has never seen what a real political cult is.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    Nooman does not “do” self-depreciation, at least not whilst under the control of the bizarre poseur, “male model” and antisemite John Wight.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Nooman’s threat to us all:

  4. Rosie said,

    Socialist Eunuchry has been getting nastier and nastier. A few years ago it was a lot more congenial and the Cardinal wrote posts about country music. There was some friendly banter. Tony Collins who moderates seems very keen on Respect and co-opting Muslim youth (ie, building on theocracy and sectarianism). The posts and comments on Galloway’s rape comments were particularly repulsive.

    A few years back Harry’s Place was pulled off the internet because of a complaint by a UCU pro-Pal activist who HP showed quoting froma David Duke site. Newman came out in support of HP on free speech grounds. I can’t see him doing that now.

    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      But depending on the date this happened HP has also moved on.

      It’s not just Newman’s and SU’s soul that the iron has entered into – we’ve almost all got nastier, pettier and angrier as all our hopes and illusions have been dispelled and our utter powerlessness has become more and more apparent.

      • bler4egHH omceonmretatry said,

        ‘HP has also moved on’

        From vermin to sub-vermin.

  5. bler4egHH omceonmretatry said,

    And let us not forget that the harry’s place vermin are happy to run web ads for BP and other similar criminal scum on their far right race hate shit hole of a blog (whether or not the ads are autogenerated is utterly irrelevent, the act of continued acquiescence is the crime here). It says it all that even though the vermin that run harry’s place are rich, corporate lawyers and highly paid academics – they still whore themselves out to google to subsidize their crappy blERGGGH – and the greedy cunts still want ‘reader’ (i.e. fash scum) donations as well. The sick, twisted evil fucks.

  6. Sarah AB said,

    As it states on the blog info – editors and writers don’t get paid. Happy Christmas.

    • bler4egHH omceonmretatry said,

      Hardly novel for a bLLerGGH. Most BLErGGhers, especially those that present themselves as being on the “left”, don’t try and cash in from it by acting as corporate shills. Fuck off – until you stop acting as a liberal patsy for rightwing scum.

  7. SteveH said,

    Yes Rosie, Muslim youth = theocracy, of course it does, nothing could be more obvious, why don’t these so called leftists see it. They should stop co-opting the Muslim youth with their anti war talk and their attacks on the wonderful state of Israel, that beacon of democracy and decency. Down with the Muslim youth should be the motto! BTW that isn’t youth talk for get down with the Muslim youth and party (they don’t party anyway) but let us hate the Muslim youth. Maybe we should change the slogan, how about, Fuck the Muslim Youth. Not sure that works either, it could be interpreted as some sexual call. Hate the Muslim youth, that will work.

    You are a real credit to the posse.

    • Jimmy Glesga said,

      Yes Stevie fuck the Muslim youth as long as they believe in religious Islamic dictatorship theocracy. And fuck anyone else that supports them.

  8. Jim Denham said,

    SteveH; you are deranged. Once more, we say goodbye to you. And, this time, please, don’t ever come back.

  9. Rosie said,

    @SteveH – you seem to have misunderstood my comment. I’m happy to see Muslim youth, Christian youth or secular youth getting involved in politics, as long as they don’t waste their time and energy in deranged cults. What I don’t like is seeing left groups thinking they can harness islamism to their own causes – which in Iran got the left shot and incarcerated, and in British terms means pandering to crappy attitudes towards women.

    However I should have been a little fuller in my comment, as it seems to have upped your blood pressure to worrying degrees.

    @ Roger -perhaps. Maybe it’s too much knowledge – to know people is not to love them.

    @blerrghetc – I’m always offered Muslim dating sites when I go to HP’s site. Also, are you sure you aren’t Will?

    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      Once again very perceptive: too much knowledge is a big part of it.

      Back in the heroic early days of political blogging there wasn’t so much of it and the novelty factor meant that most of us followed right as well as left and centrist blogs.

      Now we’ve long passed Peak Blog and have been saturated with opinions for in my case over a decade – and even the best bloggers have some opinions that are stupid if not evil and once you’ve heard one it’s harder to be charitable.

      Plus the trolls do taint every blog they attach themselves to – the commenters down here and at Osler’s are part of the overall package now.

  10. IM NEUMAN said,

    more in the tradition of the rank Stalinist ignoramous Denver Walker’s student union-level, scummy little tome ‘Quite Right Mr Trotsky.’

    Politically similarly dire, but at least the NCP’s Trotsky-lookalike Dever Walker at least attempted at humour when writing his diatribe, something Newman cannot (and seemingly doesn’t even want to) do.

    The “SU” article reminds me more in fact of the kind of equally inaccurate “dossiers” put out by NOLS/Labour Students at the time of the Labour Party ban on Socialist Organiser and thereafter.

    I suspect that all of this is less about the AWL, or RMT elections, though there is probably some relevance, but as some have suggested, about Unofficial Employee (I.M.) Newman repenting his past sins in order to get some kind of paid position in the union bureaucracy or a Councillor position for the Labour Party (or more).

    How long was he an SWP activist? At least a decade. And there’s Respect. That all needs to be explained away, but instead of doing it properly, there’s all this strange stuff about Maoist posters in his living room, Cuba, the “GDR” and Stalin – and the occasional direct witch-hunting article. I expect there’ll be more, on the SWP, SP, maybe even on Sheridan’s “Solidarity”. But as I noted in a (censored) comment – there probably won’t be much on Socialist Action and their fronts, or the CPB (though he has brought himself to vaguely criticise the CPB as a ‘sect’ in the comments recently. Probably needs a rest.)

  11. daggi said,

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