Patrick Moore: the “acceptable” face of British fascism?

December 10, 2012 at 5:22 pm (Asshole, fascism, Guardian, immigration, Jim D, Racism, reblogged, UKIP)

Francis Sedgemore writes:

Celebrity amateur astronomer come racist, misogynistic, homophobic littleenglander kicks the bucket. Tributes flood in from all quarters. National treasure, charmingly eccentric, was kind to cats and foxes. A nation weeps, beatification to follow. Pass the bucket.

JD adds: it seems that as long as you’re an “eccentric,” wear a monocle, and are concerned about animals, your vile, racist (verging on fascist) views can be overlooked, even in Graun-land:

Though his opposition to immigration and, latterly, Britain becoming a ‘dumping ground’ for economic as distinct from political refugees, alienated many left-wingers, he was too patently against human and animal suffering and too scatter-gun in his beliefs to make such critics more than mildly uncomfortable. His tireless work explaining the universe – punctuated by his mantra of scientific inquiry, ‘We just don’t know’ – was altogether more creditable and important”Dennis Barker

Yes indeed: pass that bucket, Francis.

Above: horrible old fascist

P.S: UKIP mourn “a true Englishman.”


  1. Steve Green said,

    He was like a god amonst men – shine on forever – RIP Patrick….

  2. Simon Lambeth said,

    Well said – if you knew him you would have known what he was truly like

  3. Jimmy G said,

    Well he does seem to have had some fairly odious views, but I think fascist is stretching it a little.

  4. Oliver said,

    What is wrong with you lefties that make you want to dance on the grave of people whose political beliefs you oppose? It’s disgusting and seems to be unique to that side of the political spectrum. I imagine there will be all manner of these kind of classless, tasteless and vile missives when Thatcher hits the bucket. Grow up and show some human compassion, the bloke is still warm before you spew your bile into cyberspace.


    • Ludger said,

      You were not wrong!

  5. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    As I’ve said down here before there is very often an inverse relationship between the value of someone’s creative work and their political acceptability – my overstuffed shelves groan under the weight of volumes and CDs from writers and composers and conductors who were in political terms monstrously bigoted reactionaries (plus the odd Stalinist who is scarcely any better).

    Moore was obviously no Celine or Dostoevsky or Eliot or Faulkner or Yeats or Pound or d’Annunzio or Hamsun or Williamson or Junger or Borges or Montherlant (and I could go on and on in this vein) but he was a great populariser of science.

    And as for ‘fascist’ a 16-year old Moore actually lied about his age to get into the RAF and bomb Nazi cities – while you and I have never risked anything more than maybe a bit of bother from some NF yob or irate copper in the cause of anti-fascism.

    Plus he was also a great friend and supporter of Soviet astronomy (and I suspect had warm feelings for the Red Army who killed so many of the Germans he loathed so deeply) even at the height of the Cold War.

    As for the misogyny look at the kindness and respect he shows actual women astronomers (admittedly a rare-ish breed) over countless Sky at Nights – including the very last one.

    • Ludger Wilmott said,

      Excuse me could you remember the ‘killed germans’ you mention with relish were human beings with families and fighting for their country! I am british but more accurately half english and half german. My great uncle, Erich Neugebauer,served as a tank commander with the 6th Panzer division and perished in Stalingrad. He was a decent friendly family man by all accounts. ironically my english great grandfather established the first motor dealership in the south east in Bognor (called Wilmotts and later Doves). This was passed onto my grandfather who went onto establish Goodwood racing circuit.The business must have been known to Mr Moore.Having read his highly offensive views on ‘krauts’ I took my collection of his various books to the Oxfam charity bin wondering which side of my ancestry he would have responded to not that I give a damn when it comes to such a bigot with obnoxious and brainless views!

    • raaj said,

      I don’t recal seeing any colour on his shows, though, at all. It’s as if the east made / make no contrabution to astromomy at all?

  6. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    And here’s him expressing views indistinguishable from George Galloway or Seamus Milne:

    I think Bush is certifiable. He’s a danger. If we are not careful he’ll plunge the world into a Third World War. He’s power-drunk you see. If he goes for Iran or North Korea (hums) big trouble! What’s the difference between Robert Mugabe and Saddam Hussein? Mugabe doesn’t produce oil!

  7. Francis Sedgemore said,

    Intolerably intolerant of intolerance…

    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      Well aware you are not an identikit Guardianista pseudo-leftist.

      And don’t we all have relatives of obnoxiously right-wing views who we nevertheless love not because of but despite of them?

      Moore’s politics were very much viewed in this way – he was everyone’s cranky, obnoxious and judging by the state of his suits probably malodorous elderly great-uncle whose ranting we would nevertheless tolerate as he had other qualities deserving our admiration and gratitude.

      And being so grandiosely and certifiably bonkers Moore’s support for any cause was probably a net negative for it’s credibility – it’s rather a pity he didn’t make a bigger thing of his Bush Derangement Syndrome for example….

  8. SteveH said,

    Whereas the EDL and most of the far right support the views of Roger McCarthy. I would take Galloway any day thanks.

    PS Thank god for the Guardian, without it our media would resemble the servile North Korean state media!

    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      Actually I think you’ll find that the real far right were almost universally opposed to the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan and denounced it in the same ‘blood for oil’ language as the far left.

      Come to think of it Nick Griffin and his fellows were to be found queuing behind the IRA and WRP begging bowls in hand at Gaddafi’s court in the 1980s – just as you could find German ultra-left and neo-Nazi terrorists training in the same Palestinian camps in the 1970s.

  9. Jim Denham said,

    Just for the record, the BNP *did* oppose the Iraq war very vocally (I’m not so sure about their stance on Afghanistan but I strongly suspect it was the same). I wouldn’t, of course, let the BNP determine my own views (even in reverse) on either.

  10. SteveH said,

    Is there anything more disgusting than utter pricks like McCarthy who want us to believe that anti racist campaigners like Galloway have anything in common with the BNP? How did this poverty of thinking ever become acceptable? My response re the EDL was an obvious piss take by the way, but I obviously have to be less subtle.

    On the face of it, without actually bothering to go beyond the headline then you could certainly say Galloway and the BNP had the same position on Iraq. If on the other hand, you took the intelligent route, a big ask I know, then it would be clear that the positions of the anti war left and the BNP are and were miles apart. But why go beyond the superficial, how could apology ever work if you did that?


    • Jimmy Glesga said,

      How could both be miles apart when they were all anti-war!

  11. charliethechulo said,

    “the positions of the anti war left and the BNP are and were miles apart”: how’s that, then?

    They used exactly the same arguments, and at one point, I seem to remember, Galloway included the BNP’s vote in a byelection as part of the total “anti war” vote.

  12. Neil Proud said,

    Patrick Moore was a contradictory character: very knowledgeable about astronomy of course but also with a good scientific attitude – always prepared to acknowledge what we don’t know as well as what we think we do know in science. A good musician, very entertaining, clearly very intelligent. However his background and experiences coupled with a complete lack of any sort of class-based political analysis led to him becoming basically a racist and a homophobe. Very unfortunate but it does happen to even the best of people who lack political understanding of why the human world is as it is – i.e. class divided society and the modern form – capitalism. Perhaps a rising working-class movement making progressive gains might have shown him the error of his ways, but he never saw that. Shame for him and for us.

  13. Richard Lambert said,

    Funny, I grew up in Africa, where people were applauded for crying out, “Africa for the Africans,” which lead to kicking out of Asians. It was regarded as their asserting their pride, returning their countries to their “natural states (ie, without Asians)” and so on. But when somebody like Patrick Moore states the same thing, he is branded as a racist, fascist, who-know-what-ist. I think many of you are very mixed-up, self-hating people, who follow an ideology blindly, without actually thinking for yourselves. No comments, I am sure, about slavery in Africa, women being oppressed in Islamic societies (how many time do you hear feminists shouting out about that one?), starvation and corruption in Africa. You are like people counting grains of sand on the shore while a tidal-wave is about to swamp you. RIP Patrick Moore, but even more, RIP Great Britain.

  14. David Shaw said,

    To qualify as a racist and a fascist do you have to be white? To be a misogynist do you have to disagree with Women’s Liberation. It seems that to make statements which the left disagree with you are branded with the usual claptrap. I often wonder when I hear the accusations of fascist racist said about a person whether the speaker is aware of the meaning of those words. Patrick Moore fought for the right to say anything he wanted to. He was brought up before the Second World War where attitudes were different and politically correctness was a long way off in the future. He would have been appalled by some of the statements made in the left wing press where they can brand anyone with the racist, fascist label and get away with it.
    So I am by your definition a racist, fascist, misogynist. The sooner politically correctness disappears and I can say spade,blackboard, lunatic gollywog without being looked at askance the better.

  15. Brian Thompson said,

    Anyone who climbed into a bomber and flew over Germany in 1939-45 deserves the undying admiration of all, and earned the right to say whatever they wanted ever after. They fought for freedom, a freedom the Left wish to deny us all by shutting down debate. The Left do not want to hear discussion, in fact THEY are the true fascists among us. Lest we forget, David Blunkett memorably said in parliament 11 years ago “Any discussion of immigration is bordering on the fascist”.
    This has become the standard Leftist tactic over the past 40 years- don’t like what people are saying, so call them names – fascist, illiberal, mysogynist, homophobe, etc.

    Modern Leftism is a despicable thought process which has brought a once great country to its knees. Your free throwing around of what you consider insults to people you simply don’t know is a pathetic, student style approach to debate.

    RIP Sir Patrick, your country no longer deserves you or your fellow Great Britons.

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