The E1 settlement plan: the end of Two States?

December 9, 2012 at 9:50 am (Human rights, insanity, israel, Jim D, Middle East, palestine, reblogged)

The end of the two state solution? Not irrevocably, in my opinion, but Rebecca at the interesting US-based Jewish blog ‘Mystical Politics‘ explains, with the map below, why Netenyahu’s plan is so disastrous, not just for the Palestinians, but for the long-term future of Israel itself:

If Israel goes ahead with its plans to develop E-1 (Dividing the West Bank, Deepening a Rift), located between Maale Adumim and Jerusalem, it will cut the West Bank in half and make a viable Palestinian state impossible. It’s time for the Obama administration to come out publicly against this plan, as publicly as the UK and France are – who are threatening to withdraw their ambassadors from Israel [This has not in fact happened – JD].

The New York Times has an excellent multimedia presentation on the final status
issues: Challenges in defining an Israel-Palestinian border.


  1. Sarah AB said,

    Rebecca’s blog is always worth reading. I thought this article from Matt Hill (who did some interesting posts, followed by rather fraught discussions, for Harry’s Place a while back) seemed sensible.

  2. Jimmy Glesga said,

    Considering Hamas have just reafirmed their intention to wipe out Israel then Israel should expand their settlements and their population. To continue to survive Isreal needs to put more soldiers in the field. The Two State solution is a no go and always has been. The Islamists will never agree their agenda is genocide.

    • bler4egHH omceonmretatry said,

      Considering that the only settlements are on the West Bank which is controlled by the PA not Hamas what the fuck are you talking about you oxygen thieving piece of shit?

      As for Jim Shachman, funny how you haven’t posted a single article on the recent middle east conflict from a Palestinian perspective. You are just the liberal wing of the hasbara industry.

      • Jimmy Glesga said,

        They are the same mob.

      • bler4egHH omceonmretatry said,

        you should at least delete this thick racist cunt jim.

  3. gfmurphy101 said,

    Reblogged this on gfmurphy101.

  4. Sarah AB said,

    Jim posted a piece highly critical of Israel a few weeks ago. If Bleeurgh is interested in more pro-Palestinian perspectives I would like to recommend Steve Hynd’s blog.

  5. Jim Denham said,

    bler4(etc): Every single thing I’ve *ever* posted (here or anywhere else) on Israel/Palestine has been pro-Palestinian. For the simple reason that I *am* pro-Palestinian, unless your criteria for being “pro-Palestinian” involve advocating the destruction of Israel?

    • bler4egHH omceonmretatry said,

      learn to read – I said a Palestinian perspective – I mean written by Palestinians. During operation pillar of cloud you published three statements – all of which were written by Israelis. I’ve nothing against publishing statements by Israeli individuals and organisations but it’s rather revealing that you chose not to give the Palestinians a voice.

  6. Jim Denham said,

    bler4(etc): learn to think!

    I “choose” to publish opinions that are worth taking seriously, regardless of their ethnic origins. I’m quite sure that I will be publishing progessive, secular Palestinian views very soon, just as I’ve already published the views of the PLO.

    What I shall most certainly *not* be doing is endorsing Islamist antisemites like Hamas.

  7. Sarah AB said,

    Is Hussein Ibish of Palestinian origin? Whether or not – he is a very good commentator. There can be problems for Palestinians from the region who write frankly about their views and experiences.

  8. Jim Denham said,

    Ibish’s Wikipedia entry ( states that he was born in Beirut and is “active in advocacy for Arab causes in the United Staes.”

    I’ve just checked his blog (Ibishblog: and thought it very good: may well add it to our Blogroll here at Shiraz.

    Beyond that, I know nothing about him.

  9. Babz Badasbab Rahman said,

    A moderate Palestinian if I ever saw one.

  10. Sarah AB said,

    Yes – it’s a good blog but he publishes in various other places – best to follow him on Twitter probably in fact. He’s a good commentator on the whole region – quite sharp (in both senses) when it comes to Israel but I’d be surprised if he fell foul of the guidelines in that ‘how to criticise Israel without being antisemitic’ post.

    Ray Hanania is extremely moderate, indeed.

  11. SteveH said,

    “interesting US-based Jewish blog ‘Mystical Politics”

    What a sickening propaganda site. Really this isn’t even subtle, you are virtually screaming, we support the racist state and we fucking hate the animals that fight it.

  12. Jim Denham said,

    We fucking hate antisemites like you, SteveH.

    • what a twit said,

      ZOMG, Don’t say “antisemites” when you mean anti-Zionists.

      • Jim Denham said,

        In the case of people like Steve H, I can assure you that I do indeed mean “antisemites” and not “anti-Zionists.” I am aware of the distinction and also aware of when the line is crossed.

        In a nutshell: not all “anti-Zionists” are antisemites, but (these days) *all* antisemites are “anti-Zionists.”

  13. Argaman said,

    Steve H – my blog is not a propaganda site! Try learning how to read before saying stupid things. I’m opposed to the Israeli occupation, in case you didn’t notice, and I believe the best solution is two states.

  14. Sarah AB said,

    Argaman – I think simply supporting Israel’s right to exist is too much for SteveH – his understanding of the phrase ‘Israeli occupation’ is probably a bit different from the usual one.

    • what a twit said,

      He probably means one in which most of the Palestinian population was expelled from their homeland, but racists don’t like to deal with that.

  15. SteveH said,


    I couldn’t find a post that wasn’t about the ethnically cleansed Palestinians firing rockets into their former land. This coming at a time when the Palestinians were being slaughtered by your high tech planes.

    People like you, who come over all decent and respectable, make me want to puke the most.

    • Jimmy Glesga said,


    • what a twit said,

      She doesn’t bother to check her facts before lying about Judith Butler, so no wonder she fits it well at Denham’s House of Lies,

      “She has made statements expressing partial support for Hezbollah and Hamas. In response to a question at a public talk, she claimed that the two well-known Islamic military and religious groups are members of the global left. The syllogism behind this stunning proposition is that anti-imperialism and anticolonialism, in all its forms, define the global left, that Hamas and Hezbollah fight against Israeli imperialism, ergo they belong to the “global left.” ‏(What is the mysterious entity called “global left,” I cannot say).”

      A few years ago you said that the hamas and hizbollah would be progressive social movements. Do you still have that opinion?
      I never said that. I was asked whether, as a matter of description, Hamas and Hezbollah are part of the global left. I said I thought (a) that they are left movements and that (b) like all left movements, there are some that I support and there are some that I do not. I was simply describing where they are on the continuum of positions, but I never called them progressive social movements and I never voiced any support for them.”

    • Sarah AB said,

      Isn’t she American?

      • Argaman said,

        Indeed, I am an American, so they are not “my planes.”

        Not sure the point you’re making, twit – anyone who thinks that Hamas and Hezbollah, reactionary clericalist movements, are part of that dubious entity, the global left, should have his head examined.

  16. Jim Denham said,

    ‘what a twit’ lives up to his/her monika: after denying having said hamas an hizbollah are progressive, ‘twit’ then goes on to describe them as “part of the global left,” a description that most reasonable people of a leftist outlook would consider fairly summed up as “progressive.”

    Case proven, I’d say unless we’re about to enter truly jesuitical realms of casuistry (oh: re-reading thne rest of the ‘twit”s comment I see that s/he *is* entering a jesuitical world of casuistry…

    …or as some would put it, “wriggling.”

    • what a twit said,

      ‘twit’ then goes on to describe them as “part of the global left,”

      You stupid fucker Denham. I didn’t describe them as part of the global left, I just pointed out that Judith Butler didn’t. Learn to read.

      • Jim Denham said,

        twat: “I was asked whether, as a matter of description, Hamas and Hezbollah are part of the global left. I said I thought (a) that they are left movements…”

        I think that exchange, and your subsequent denial that it indicates that you *do* regard Hamas (& Hisbollah) as being part of the (global) “left” perfectly illustrates the fact that you are not a rational person for whom words have meaning, and not worth attempting to debate.

        Learn to read, learn to think and then keep your nasty antisemitic views to yourself, twat:

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