Rest in noise

December 8, 2012 at 8:47 am (gigs, music, Rosie B)

Gig, Bannerman’s, Cowgate, Edinburgh

Sunday 9th December from 6pm

First band on 7pm

My band, FRAKtured Fingers, is on at 8:30pm.

Fritz Van Helsing was Embra’s first, original and lifelong punk rocker. He died Feb 15th of Hep C related liver failure. There was an amazing turnout of Edinburgh’s original punks and many others at his memorial gig earlier this year, out of respect for his 36 year dedication to the Edinburgh music scene and the punk rock attitude. The DVD of this event are on sale. Proceeds to The Hepatitis C Trust.

Rest in noise, Fritz. Punk’s not dead.

Memorial DVD Launch  For Rosie

Headlined by The World Famous SHOCK AND AWE!!! with Mystery Guests..

also featuring

The Cathode Ray
Sad Society.
The Z28s
Geek Maggot Bingo
Babylon Dub Punks.
FRAKtured Fingers
Norman Lamont and The Invisible Helpers
Desperation A.M.
The Infirmary Inn.

Jet Hay will be collecting for Youth Music: Music is Power.

The Hepatitis C Trust will be hosting a special C Party in Bannermans from 6pm as part of the gig

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