Welcome Refugees from Obamaland

November 7, 2012 at 9:01 pm (religious right, Rosie B, United States)


  1. Welcome Refugees from Obamaland: Reblogged from Shiraz Socialist « The Pink Agendist said,

    […] Welcome Refugees from Obamaland « Shiraz Socialist. […]

  2. Clare Flourish said,

    They would have to go to South Africa, forty years ago. Though as the Sunday Sport in the UK reported on its front page once- “Hitler alive and living on Moon”- perhaps they could go there. Actually, Saudi Arabia has the kind of religious-led, women kept in their place sort of society those Republicans seem to like, and a great delight in American weaponry.

  3. Robin Carmody said,

    When The Onion ran a piece parodying just this sort of thing – suggesting that most Romney supporters preferred Ahmadinejad to Obama – the Iranian state news agency (I won’t mention its name because the pun is too obvious) took it at face value.

    Pretty sobering to be reminded on today’s ‘Pointless’ that until Clinton some of those states on the north-eastern seaboard had pretty much always been Republican, and now they’ve effectively stopped caring about them or even acknowledging their existence.

    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      The 1976 electoral map is almost a mirror image of every map since 2000 with every southern state except Virginia voting Democrat and California, Illinois and much of New England still Republican:


      Of course Carter being IIRC the first real southerner to run for president since 1860 (Texans are really another cultural entity altogether never really having had a dominant plantation economy and a relatively small black population that fell to 12% by the time of LBJs run) had a lot to do with this – but even picking Clinton and Gore couldn’t hold back the neo-confederate tide in 1992-80.

      The converse of once solidly Republican states in the north-east, mid-west and Pacific coast becoming Democrat bastions doesn’t seem to get the same attention as the Republicans becoming the party of the old Confederacy – perhaps because it seems to have happened more or less by demographic accident rather than being the result of a decades-long plan like the right’s Southern strategy.

      And the point is that due to the absurd powers which are retained by the states you really don’t need to leave the US to escape Obamaland – it’s already virtually impossible to get an abortion in Mississippi and takes a national outcry to persuade the police to arrest you for gunning down a black teenager in Florida.

  4. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    Atlantic journalist James Fallows has a story about some utterly odious little shit who is claiming that he is Going Galt and firing all his employees in in a Randian protest.

    http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/11/the-election-night-thoughts-of-the-atlas-shrugged-guy/264852/ – plus several updates on Fallows’ blog.

    Whether any of the much bigger employers from the Koch Brothers down who made precisely this threat in Vote Romney Or Else memos to their staff follow through will be interesting.

    Beyond a certain point its not money that motivates these people but the sense of power they feel from holding the lives of us little people in their hands and they clearly won’t get the same visceral thrill from ordering around dusky-hued servants on a private Caribbean island as they do from patronising and bullying employees in a US office.

    Remember when Mr Burns sells the nuclear power plant to the Germans for some vast sum but finds his life so empty that he has to buy it back?

    • Rosie said,

      The Randian guy is something else. Rand gives a kind of myth for businessmen to live in – that they are a kind of maverick James Bond of entrepreneurship. Theme song:- I did it My Way

      There’s a follow up post with responses from readers who cast doubt on whether the Randian guy is such an heroic entrepreneur and say his half a million payroll is hardly Ford ca 1920.


      As for those people who before an election threaten, “if Bush is elected I’ll move to Canada, if Thatcher is elected I’ll move to France, if Labour gets in I’m off to South Africa (back in the 80s).” and so on. After their particular anti-christ gets elected, how many do actually emigrate as they threatened/promised? Has anyone ever done a follow up?

  5. holy joe said,

    Of course Carter being IIRC the first real southerner to run for president since 1860.
    Woodrow Wilson?

    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      True that he was born and raised in Virginia and that his supposed progressivism (he is still a key historical villain for the likes of Glenn Beck) most definitely excluded darkies.

      However his spending most of his adult life before the presidency as a professor at New England colleges and stints as President of Princeton and Governor of New Jersey does allow a ‘No True Southerner’ argument and I suspect that in a random ‘what part of the US did President X come from’ quiz very few Americans would identify him as one.

  6. Bruce Bates said,

    Well anyone saying Au was a moron. The place to run is NZ.

    NZ does allow guns – very liberally may I add and they have the correct attitude about it also.

    Following an attack on a Kawhia police officer by a group of men in January, 2013, the Police Association called for police officers to be armed.
    Police Commissioner Peter Marshall rejected the plea, saying it was “not a time for political point-scoring exercises”.

    NZ does have universal health care, but it does not have any form of privatized health care, it has about 90% less people than the us (making the costs lower), it uses the NHI and NWS system, as well as many other things that could never happen in america. Its not universal health care people are against, its the USA (government known to steal from its own people) version of healthcare most are against.

    As far as death penalty, NZ hasn’t had it since 1989. However this is a moot point to make as its not republican thing at all. Short of treason and a few other specific instances, it wasn’t until bill clinton (a democrat) passed drug laws that a federal death penalty was allowed. I think you are confusing state law with federal – and if people are going to leve the country… it has nothing to do with state laws – else they would leave the state.

    NZ does have just about the same gay rights as america. You have the right to civil union but not marriage…. although in NZ you can’t adopt a child if you re homosexual (or more correctly an admitted homosexual).

    Also evolution is taught in the schools here in america, however one can opt to have their child not attend such classes. The exact same holds true in NZ. They also both have religious groups that regularly challenge the system.

    In NZ history there hve been a total of 8 athiests in politics. Thats actually a lower number than in US politics.

    Its amazing what a little swim across those AU waters can get you in terms of freedom. Also there is a whole lot less of a chance of gang violence in NZ (which is rampant in AU) as well as a whole lot less internal revolution style wars that take place.

    I can’t speak for anyone else but if I am going to run from Obama (fat chance) I am certainly not running to a country that is in favor of everything I am trying to leave.

  7. Skippy said,

    internal revolution style wars? not the last time I was awake. the centre ‘left’ party and the ‘centre’ right party are fighting tooth and claw to be the farthest right party


  8. Bruce Bates said,

    Skippy are you from america? Cause thats very much an American way of thinking. It kind of reminds me of Obama actually. Lets help the poor, lets attack the rich, and lets ignore the middle class right in the middle…. because their voice is kind of quiet right now.

    Yes internal revolution STYLE wars – unless magically the aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders have up and vanished. Has AU officially performed true genocide? Or have all the natives decided they will simply accept what little the gov’t offers them without a fight?

    Granted it not a war like one would generally think of “war” but in a country with no weapons…. one does what one can. Does one need to throw rocks and sticks for it to be a war? Cause there are no guns for such a war.

    Actually truth be told I did do a lot of research about NZ and AU as if I ever leave america, it will be for one of those two countries. The main reason I wouldn’t go with AU… would be because they don’t have gun rights – and they still blatantly show that they will take any power they want… even at the rights of others. I can’t imagine living in a country where my government can take my rights, my land, and attack me and I have no defense – that is exactly what AU shows to be true with the dealings of their natives. At least in the US…. I can defend myself (cause we were much worse in our handling of our natives)

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