Obama, Romney, and the almost irresistable pull of lesser-evilism

November 4, 2012 at 5:35 pm (Champagne Charlie, Democratic Party, Obama, Pilger, Republican Party, strange situations, United States)

I’m bloody glad I don’t live in the USofA.

Because the more I see of, and hear from, this asshole…

…the more I just know that were I a US citizen right now, I’d be chucking overboard the traditional Trotskyist position and voting for Obama.

Especially as most of his critics on the so-called left” are such a shower, and this persuasive case has recently been made:

“It is noteworthy that four of the best decisions that Obama made during his presidency ran against the advice of much of his own administration. Numerous Democrats in Congress and the White House urged him to throw in the towel on health-care reform, but he was one of very few voices in his administration determined to see it through. Many of his own advisers, both economists steeped in free-market models and advisers anxious about a bailout-weary public, argued against his decision to extend credit to, and restructure, the auto industry. On Libya, Obama’s staff presented him with options either to posture ineffectually or do nothing; he alone forced them to draw up an option that would prevent a massacre. And Obama overruled some cautious advisers and decided to kill Osama bin Laden.”


  1. David Dee said,

    As a confirmed asshole I take exception to my being compared to this fraudster.

    Although I may be an asshole at least I am an asshole who can show my tax returns for the last 15 years without my being shown up as an an ASSet stripping, job reducing, lying asshole. What about you, Mittster ????

  2. bler4egHH omceonmretatry said,

    Jim’s inexorable slide into liberal reformism continues…

  3. les said,

    look at it this way: with obama as president, we’ll just have disappointment and an ongoing sense of opportunities lost; with romney, it would be like someone was repeatedly kicking you in the balls while making innocuous remarks about the weather, and then when you’re down, writhing in agony, he’d douse you with a gallon of kerosene, and, out of concern for your well-being, light a match and say, “oh, you poor man. you look like you’re shivering. should i start a fire?”

  4. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    US blogger TBogg had the perfect answer to those who were too principled to vote Democrat in 2010 which I intend to re-deploy at every future US election (in fact if I’ve already used it before here apologies but it deserves constant repetition):

    Let me see if I can explain it this way:

    Every year in Happy Gumdrop Fairy-Tale Land all of the sprites and elves and woodland creatures gather together to pick the Rainbow Sunshine Queen. Everyone is there: the Lollipop Guild, the Star-Twinkle Toddlers, the Sparkly Unicorns, the Cookie Baking Apple-cheeked Grandmothers, the Fluffy Bunny Bund, the Rumbly-Tumbly Pupperoos, the Snowflake Princesses, the Baby Duckies All-In-A-Row, the Laughing Babies, and the Dykes on Bikes. They have a big picnic with cupcakes and gumdrops and pudding pops, stopping only to cast their votes by throwing Magic Wishing Rocks into the Well of Laughter, Comity, and Good Intentions. Afterward they spend the rest of the night dancing and singing and waving glow sticks until dawn when they tumble sleepy-eyed into beds made of the purest and whitest goose down where they dream of angels and clouds of spun sugar.

    You don’t live there.

    Grow the fuck up.


  5. Jim Denham said,

    “Jim’s inexorable slide into liberal reformism continues…”

    Now just remind me, Will: what was your position on the Iraq war?

    I seem to have momentarily forgotten.

  6. Jim Denham said,

    Please see my exchanges with Will on the “Tombstone” thread. Sadly, he’s now been exposed as a cowardly liar, not even willing to acknowledge his previous positions or defend them.. Very sad.

    I had to tell him to fuck off.

  7. Faster Pussycat Miaow! Miaow! Miaow! said,

    Sadly he’s now been exposed as Chiang Kai Shek – the evidences is plain as a pikestaff or one of those things you see at the seaside. I did it with one of them dowsing rods I got off David Icke.

  8. Back Obama. « Tendance Coatesy said,

    […] Most of what I wish to say has been said by Champagne Charlie. […]

  9. Sue R said,

    How ridiculous. Anyone who saw the film of the White House top brass watching the raid on bin Laden’s bolt hole in Pakistan being raided, will realise that is bullshit. Obama was totally disengaged, apparently he had to be fetched from the golf course. As a matter of interest, does he raise people from the dead as well?

  10. Faster Pussycat Miaow! Miaow! Miaow! said,

    does he raise people from the dead as well?

    Why? Can’t move in your coffin for crisp packets?

  11. Babz Badasbab Rahman said,

    Wait I’m confused….is Shiraz ‘Socialist’ endorsing Obama? If so I propose a change of name for the blog to Shiraz ‘So Called’ Socialist.

    I mean don’t get me wrong I’m glad he beat that crazy fuckwit but hell no am I going to start sucking his right wing balls just because he’s the lesser of the two evils and to the left of right right right.

    • Faster Pussycat Miaow! Miaow! Miaow! said,

      ‘Shiraz Tory’ has been suggested before Babz Badasbab.

  12. Jim Denham said,

    “I mean don’t get me wrong I’m glad he beat that crazy fuckwit “: exactly! I’m writing something on precisely that point which I will post here tomorrow, complete with an excerpt from a 1954 article by James P. Cannon…

    I would just say, in the meanwhile, that Shiraz Socialist does not have a “line” per se on such issues and, within fairly broad limits, will carry a range of opinions from contributors.

    The founder of this blog (who’s no longer involved) was, in fact, an enthusiatic Obama supporter in 2008.

  13. paul maleski said,

    American democracy sic. is a Zionist fantasy.
    It does not matter who is elected President of the United States as: Hollywood, the media, advertising, the Central Bank etc. are owned and controlled by jews. Worse, the gutless, greedy Congress was bribed/blackmailed by treacherous jews decades ago. They dictate their Zionist NWO agenda to both parties. This is why the cost conscious jew does not want a viable Third Party. Why do you think Obama bailed out the big banks?–I will tell you why! Because Goldman Sachs and Co. paid the Democratic Party to do it. The same extortion strategy accounts for the massive aid given to the failed, parasitic, pariah State of Israel. The warped jew via. their depraved media has contaminated our very Christian souls. The cunning jew has brainwashed the goyim into not asking logical questions!

  14. Jim Denham said,

    Is the apparently mad antisemite maleski for real or a “Zionist fantasy”?

  15. paul maleski said,

    You have to be: naive, stupid or mad or permutations of all 3, to presume that the vast majority of kosher jews are semites. Jim Denham is gullible, to say the least; the next thing self righteous Jim will be telling me, is that 6 million jews were gassed with Zyclon B. Lay off Spielberg and try a bit of Jura Lina–it might open your eyes to a less blinkered reality. I give fair warning– it is not very pleasant! Not unless you enjoy the company of scorpions.

  16. vildechaye said,

    Mr. malevolentsky is a true psychopathsky bigotsky.

  17. Jim Denham said,

    The maletsky comments on this thread (and also on the Saville thread) have been left on view for purely educative purposes. Normally fascistic, antisemitic filth like his would be immediately deleted.

    Further comments from malevsky will be blocked and if any slip through the net, deleted on sight.

  18. Simon Burton said,

    As someone who has known Maleski for 30 years, you will be shocked to know he is a thoroughly decent, honest, caring and really likeable person who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He does however have an evil sense of humour and a genius for knowing exactly which buttons to press to wind up the Left. In doing so he perhaps serves the same purpose as the medieval Fool – that of pricking the bubble of our pomposity. He will kill me (not literally, I hope!) for saying so, but Maleski is totally harmless – unless you take him seriously!

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