Andy Williams: the ‘Moon River’ man

September 26, 2012 at 8:05 pm (Jim D, music, Republican Party, song, United States)

OK: we can’t ignore the passing of Andy Williams.

Here he is with Henry Mancini (co-writer, with Johnny Mercer, of ‘Moon River’) a few years ago:

The Los Angelese Times obit, here

If my tribute here at Shiraz seems less than usually fulsome, it may be because (1) I never particularly liked his singing, and (2) this (from the Guardian‘s obit):

Although he was a lifelong Republican, Williams became a close friend of Robert and Ethel Kennedy in the mid-60s. He was present when Kennedy was assassinated in Los Angeles during the 1968 campaign for the presidential nomination. Williams sang The Battle Hymn of the Republic at the funeral and voted for George McGovern at the Democratic party convention, having been nominated as a delegate by Kennedy. More in keeping with his political convictions was his outspoken criticism of Barack Obama, and he allowed the rightwing radio commentator Rush Limbaugh to broadcast his recording of Born Free with added gunshot sounds. Sony Music (now the owner of CBS Records) forced Limbaugh to remove it.

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  1. parliament. said,

    They his profit collectors,always for the maximum return,suggested that he should import Elvis in his voice.He said no “i always knew my voice was special”.

    Sad that his voice and life!s arrogance was not.His Profit minders should have suggested Frank Sinatra.His voice would never have gotten the tone of Sinatra,but their traits of control and power would have.Both arse holes for what their music preached, and they profited from that immensely.

    Both not a patch on Elvis.What do they say about speaking ill of the dead.

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