Time to crush the Lib Dems – not to appease them

September 24, 2012 at 11:58 am (Jim D, labour party, Lib Dems, politics)

Above: “Pluralism” in action?

Jon Cruddas, head of Miliband’s policy review and the embodiment of the phrase “fake left,” was busy sucking up to the Lib Dems as they gathered in Brighton yesterday. In a “debate” organised by the Fabian Society on the topic of “Is the future Plural?“, he and the uber-Blairite Lord Adonis set about being nice to the Lib Dem’s Jo Swinson and Ming Campbell. Now I am well aware that all factions within the present Labour leadership are (to use the old phrase) class collaborators, but what exactly was the purpose of telling the Lib Dems that they’ve been a “benign force…checking the worst excesses” of the government? I could scarcely believe my ears when I heard it on the Today programme this morning.

Winning over Lib Dem voters and members is one thing: telling members of the Tory-led government that they’re a “benign force” is quite another. And Cruddas’s immediate reaction to Jo Swinson’s statement that politics is aready “plural” was also telling – enthusiastic agreement. the word “plural” in this context, of course, means a permanent state of coalition in both central and local government – something that has be the de facto objective of the Lib Dems and their predecessors for many years.

Adonis’s proposal for the Lib Dems to trigger a general election* sounds more radical, but in reality is a proposal to lock Labour into a Lib-Lab coalition – and of course, it’s pie-in-the-sky anyway: why would any Lib Dem in their right mind want an election just at the moment?

Perhaps the most extraordinary moment in the entire “debate” was Swinson’s rsponse to all this grovelling from Cruddas and Adonis: Labour has “a lot of work to do” before the Lib Dems would deign to consider a deal, especially as a lot of Labour MP’s are really very nasty people who’d displayed “vitriol” against the Lib Dems in Parliament…

Unbelievable, eh? 

But what the hell did Cruddas, Adonis (and presumably their boss Miliband) think they were playing at?

It’s time to crush the Lib Dems, not offer them a life-raft. Remember Professor Pongoo!


* Unfortunately, even some people on the Labour left are also advocating this foolishness.


  1. Jon Lansman (@jonlansman) said,

    If you’d read my piece, you’d see that I was advocating something very different. As I said on Facebook “talk of coalitions after the next election should be shunned” and that’s what Cruddas et al are on about. I argued that if the Lib Dems were prepared to bring down the Tories by voting with Labour in a vote of no confidence, then, and only then, we should be prepared to talk to them about an emergency programme for the duration of the fixed parliament. I hope your readers will decide for themselves at http://www.leftfutures.org/2012/09/if-the-lib-dems-bring-down-the-tories-then-we-can-talk-and-they-can-save-their-skins/

  2. Jim Denham said,

    Thanks for the reply, Jon and I accept that the intention behind your proposal is very different to that of Adonis. However, apart from the unlikelihood of Lib Dem MPs commiting political suicide by forcing an early election, the practical result of such an outcome (and the joint “emergency programme”) would, I contend, be to make a Lib-Lab coalition all but a fait accompli.

    But as you say, readers must decide for themselves and I urge them to read your article.

    • Monsuer Jelly More Bounce to the Ounce said,

      you are correct Jim. ANYONE who advocates any fuckking alliance with the wibdummy cuermts needs to be smothered in poison ivy and then set on fire.

  3. martin ohr said,

    I think that the idea that the libdems will hold the balance of power in the next general election is ludicrous, they currently face electoral and economic meltdown. So some awful coalition with them seems a pointless discussion.

    Hopefully the sad fucking bastards are destroyed forever and the pollution of the electoral system can begin to be cleansed.

    • Monsuer Jelly More Bounce to the Ounce said,


  4. SteveH said,

    The liberals are so morally bankrupt that it wouldn’t matter if you joined them in a coalition or not, they would do everything you wanted anyway!

    But to even think of it would be to send out all the wrong signals. Though worryingly Miliband has been wooing them since he became leader.

    The demise of the liberals is being exaggerated I think (for a start they were never that big anyway!), polls show that if Cable became leader then their fortunes could, sadly, turn around. We still have a culture of superficial personality politics, it doesn’t decide where most votes go but is big enough to tip the balance.

    The best way that Labour could really bring out all the contradictions of the liberals is to move to the left, the social democratic left that is.

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