Newsweek: some Muslims fight back with irony, not rage

September 19, 2012 at 5:37 pm (blogging, Free Speech, Guest post, Islam, islamism, media, Middle East, Pink Prosecco, United States)

Guest post by Pink Prosecco

Above: Newsweek’s cover

I have seen a number of left-liberal bloggers linking, either with implicit or
explicit approval, to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s recent Newsweek/Daily Beast piece on the
violence triggered (supposedly) by ‘The Innocence of Muslims’.  Now Hirsi Ali
seems to have every reason and certainly has every right to loathe her religion,
and any attempt to limit our freedoms in its name should be resisted – as
Charlie Hebdo is doing.

But if you are a law abiding American who values that country’s freedoms, including
the First Amendment, you might not care to read in the cover story of a
mainstream, fairly liberal, publication your religion described in these

‘Islam’s rage reared its ugly head again last week.’

Islam is presented as something both frightening and monolithic, rather than a belief
system which is followed in numerous different ways. No punches are pulled – the
title of the piece is ‘Muslim Rage’, the photo illustrates that title pretty
graphically, and the strap line reads ‘How I survived it. How we can end it.’

Now once you get into it, the article calms down quite quickly and
there is plenty to agree with – yes Islamism is a problem, yes girls should not
be married off at a very young age, and yes the treatment of Salman Rushdie by
too many who should have known better was a disgrace.

But it’s the  message on the cover which has most impact, and feeds the fears of those who are already inclined to distrust all Muslims. But Muslims have been fighting back a
bit – some with irony rather than rage.


  1. SteveH said,

    There is a lot to agree with in the Newsweek article!

    One of the most sickening articles I have ever read. The line basically being, once the imperialist murdering criminals have installed a neo liberal puppet on your nation, you have no right to resist. Obey, Obey!
    She talks of the ‘homicidal’ few, while licking the arses of the biggest mass murderers in the fucking region. So called ‘left liberals’ are the worst fucking affliction to ever curse humanity, dream of a world without them.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    “So called ‘left liberals’ are the worst fucking affliction to ever curse humanity, dream of a world without them.”

    Worse than, say, fascists (including the clerical variety)? Or Stalinists?

    Pilger recently tried to argue the same thing. But most serious people now recognise that (whatever his past achievements) he’s now mentally ill and in need of help.

  3. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    However much we may admire Ayaan Hirsi Ali for all she has overcome in her life and the literally heroic stand she took a decade ago she is now a fully paid-up operative of the American right’s lie machine and indistinguishable from the likes of Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin when it comes to Islam.

    But at least her trajectory is emotionally and intellectually comprehensible – terrible things were done to her and should her security ever slip will be done to her over again – so one can all too easily understand why she has gravitated towards those who hate Islam and away from a left where she would be constantly arguing with brain-dead apologists for people who want to kill her.

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