It’s not really extradition…

August 23, 2012 at 8:28 am (Civil liberties, Feminism, Human rights, Jackie Mcdonough, misogyny, women)

'Surprise Extradition' !

H-t: London Feminist Network

Below: the Messiah and his Chosen Ones:

The Last WikiLeaks Supper


  1. Just saying said,

    Truth.A long hard solid friend of mine has been accused of rape.If your soft of heart, you do not wish to hear the rest.

    He likes his ladies,and proud of it too.He was charged with, “sexual violation”.That being, according to him,in the action of intercourse, saying to his bed partener, can we change the position.She said, take it out of there.He said ok.The next week! the police arrested him for sexual violation.He is still awaiting the the court case.It has been a year since and not going away.

    I told him.If a sexual partener says no ,stop.They mean that.

    He asked, what the fuck do i do.

    Firstly,don!t impose your being, your attraction, to abuse your sexual desires.

    I asked, what if your found guilty.He says,it was just a good night in my house, and she was into it.

    What about this rape cry.

    She did ask me to take it out of there.But she ,was enjoying it.

    So the cops have not arrested you yet,but wish your D.N.A.

    Well ive asked my lawyer,and he says i don!t have too.

    Are you fair in what you say.

    Yeh.But its about how they see it.

    What about,no is no.Learning.

  2. Rosie said,

    Very good. Better than Women Against Rape anyway.

  3. Just saying said,

    If Jullien is so right about his sexual liasons.Why does he not put them to bed.Hold court in the embassy with a euro judge and his accusers.Get it all over and done.Then get down to his assertions, that his sexual abused complainants are politicaly driven.

  4. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable and Olympian In Almost Supreme Wiggins Stylee said,

    assange is a rapist – it is obvious.

  5. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable and Olympian In Almost Supreme Wiggins Stylee said,

    assange is also boring. he is a rapist. rapist there are plenty. he is only a famous rapist

  6. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable and Olympian In Almost Supreme Wiggins Stylee said,

    assange needs a media blockout – a blockout that consists of his head against concrete. permanantlyee

  7. paul fauvet said,

    Every country needs a hero. South Africa has Nelson Mandela. Congo has Patrice Lumumba. Burma has Aung Sun Suu Kyi. We have Julian Assange.

  8. Jim Denham said,

    Deborah Ross (in the ‘Independent’): ‘My reproductive organs would like to join the rape debate’:

    If you ask me, it has been a stormy time for the issue of rape, with George Galloway remarking that the allegations facing Julian Assange amount only to “bad sexual etiquette” while the Republican senatorial candidate, Tom Akin, has said pregnancy from rape is “really rare” because “if it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”. Confused? Well, let me answer your most common questions:

    * In the light of Akin’s remarks, can a woman’s reproductive system think for itself? Or is this simply the sort of convenient, scientific illiteracy so beloved of pro-lifers?

    A woman’s reproductive system can certainly think for itself. My uterus, for example, has very strong opinions on a variety of subjects (war, euthanasia, global warming) while my cervix hosts the local book club and, I’m afraid, rather dominates it. As for my vagina, it is super-smart, has just achieved three A*s at A-level, and is off to Bristol to study English. Although I shall sorely miss it, I am also extremely proud.

    * George Galloway has said “not everyone needs to be asked before each insertion”. Does this mean I can insert a fork into each of his eyes without having previously requested his consent, and a marrow up his bum?

    Yes. Absolutely. Join the queue! Or as my fallopian tubes have said: “I’m dying to insert a marrow up George Galloway’s bum, and will do so the moment he starts looking all sleepy. I can’t wait.” I don’t know about yours, but my fallopian tubes have always been hopelessly impatient. Last week, they even jumped the queue in the Post Office, much to my embarrassment.

    * Is Galloway planning on expanding his views at any time in the near future?

    He is planning on publishing The Galloway Guide To Sexual Etiquette in the autumn. It will be published in two volumes and, if you accept the first, it will be automatically assumed you wish to receive the second, no matter how much you might protest. Place your orders now.

    * What did Akin mean by “legitimate rape”?

    Presumably, he meant rape by a stranger with violence as opposed to date rape, marital rape, relationship rape… which makes you wonder: how many times do women have to repeat: “Rape is rape is rape is rape” just as, for example, blue is always blue, even though you will find many different blues on a colour chart. Or, as my ovaries are fond of saying: “I wish it was the cervix which was going to uni. I have a lot to say at book club, too”. The problem with the female reproductive system is, actually, ever getting it to shut up. Close down? I wish!

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