Salma Yaqoob denounces Galloway

August 22, 2012 at 8:39 pm (Brum, Galloway, Human rights, Jim D, misogyny, Respect, strange situations, women)

The official leader of ‘Respect’ denounces George Galloway’s rape-apologism. Perhaps he’ll now accuse her of being part of what he calls “The ‘ liberal’ chorus of Pavlovian reaction (that) must delight the Pentagon!”

Salma Yaqoob:

“… I have emerged … into a heated controversy around Julian Assange which is conflating issues around freedom of speech with debates about what constitutes violence against women.

“Let me be clear, as a politician and as a woman. Rape occurs when a woman has not consented to sex. George Galloway’s comments on what constitutes rape are deeply disappointing and wrong.
“There are many political issues entwined in the case of Julian Assange. These issues cannot be used to diminish in any way the seriousness of any allegations against him. Any individual accused of a crime, sexual or otherwise, is innocent until proven guilty. By the same token, any individual who believes themselves to be a victim has a right to have their grievances heard in a fair manner and not have their allegations belittled or dismissed. This is the cornerstone of justice.

“This turn of events may well act to undermine Assange’s defence against those powerful forces keen to make an example of him for exposing the crimes of Empire. It has certainly taken the debate around violence against women a step backwards.”

The posturing rape-apologist and tyrant-lover has also been sacked by Holyrood magazine.


  1. Jimmy Glesga said,

    I wonder if the Gorgeous one tried to woe Salma.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    Ah! The rape-apologists at “Counterfire” have hit upon a clever ploy – getting a female (L. German) to misrepresent the position a la Milne:

    However, in an earlier article about another alleged “rape” incident, Ms German demonstrates that she does, really, understand what rape is:

  3. Just saying said,

    Jimmy Glesga.Bit below the belt that one Jimmy.Wee Geordie and Salma, may have drifted apart politically, but i would doubt, out of respect for both, that their relationship parting was due to ones political oppertunatism that being,wee Geordie.Rather than any amorous proposals on eithers behalf.

  4. Jimmy Glesga said,

    Well all that kind off stuff usually happens below the belt. But one should never rule anything out.

  5. Jim Denham said,

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