Assange: bleating fantasist, groveller, hypocrite and charlatan

August 19, 2012 at 5:27 pm (anarchism, anti-semitism, apologists and collaborators, Asshole, conspiracy theories, Free Speech, Jim D, libertarianism, London, media, populism, United States)

“But, now that we are all at last preparing to act, a new form of social organisation is essential. In order to avoid further uncertainty, I propose my own system of world-organisation. Here it is.” He tapped the notebook. “I wanted to expound my views to the meeting in the most concise form possible, but I see that I should need to add a great many verbal explanations, and so the whole exposition would occupy at least ten evenings, one for each of my chapters.” (There was the sound of laughter.) “I must add, besides, that my system is not yet complete.” (Laughter again.) “I am perplexed by my own data and my conclusion is a direct contradiction of the original idea with which I start. Starting from unlimited freedom, I arrive at unlimited despotism. I will add, however, that there can be no solution of the social problem but mine”  – Shigalev, a character in Dostoyevsky’s The Possessed.

Anyone foolish enough (in the light of his pompous bleatings today) to take the self-important charlatan Assange at his own, inflated, estimation, should ponder the man’s willingness to grovel before autocrats and denounce their opponents to them, his evident belief that he should be above any law, his support for, and employment of, a notorious anti-semite and neo-Nazi, his crude sexism (whether or not he’s actually a rapist)…but most of all, this (from the Daily Tech):

David Leigh of England’s Guardian newspaper has leveled a shocking accusation against Mr. Assange in the special.

He recalls a meeting he was invited to about the publication of the war memos. He remembers pleading with Assange to redact the names of tribal elders and U.S. informants who were exposed cooperating with the U.S. and could be the subject of deadly retribution. He comments, “Julian was very reluctant to delete those names, to redact them. And we said: ‘Julian, we’ve got to do something about these redactions. We really have got to.'”

“And he said: ‘These people were collaborators, informants. They deserve to die.’ And a silence fell around the table.”

Mr. Assange seemingly denied the allegation calling it “absolutely false… completely false.”

But he qualifies, “We don’t want innocent people with a decent chance of being hurt to be hurt.”

The possibility is left open that Mr. Assange views U.S. allies (such as cooperating tribal leaders) as culpable accomplices, and is obfuscating the fact that he indeed wishes them ill.

It is unknown whether the publications have caused any deaths, but Newsweek reported last year that the Taliban, a violent Jihadist fundamentalist insurgency in Afghanistan, were using the war memos as a rally cry. Allegedly they brutally murdered a tribal elder, whom they claimed the leaked documents exposed, and promised more executions.

PS: just a few things the reptillian attention-seeker had to say in the course of his bleating from the balcony today, are true – that Bradley Manning, Pussy Riot and the jailed Bahraini dissident Nabeel Rajab must be supported. They’re genuine heroes and victims. But as Bob points out, Assange’s attempt to identify himself with these honourable dissidents, may be yet another example of the man’s overweening cynicism.

PPS: it goes without saying that the UK government’s ludicrous and empty semi-threat to withdraw diplomatic immunity from the Ecuadorian embassy has only aided Assange’s claim to be some kind of “victim,” and provided grist to the mill of the the populist demagogue Correa’s “anti-imperialist” posturing.


  1. pinkagendist said,

    “added” to Assange’s self-portrayal as some kind of “victim” ?
    No, they caused it. Hague’s heavy-handedness was probably what pushed Ecuador over the line. Before that point a row wasn’t in Correa’s political interest. Suddenly the Tory government handed him the perfect script for an anti-imperialist performance from a balcony.
    Hague screwed up big time with this mess which is now costing 50k per day so the government can save face. Meanwhile there are cuts in every other sector of spending….

  2. Rosie said,

    It’s heads or tails between Assange and his wanky pronouncements ex cathedra and his supporters who lap it up. Didn’t he say this was an “historic” decision by Ecuador i.e. a chance for the president to be giving two fingers to the gringos and the old imperialists so he can look good to his electorate and other Latin American leaders. Also, I have vague memories of hearing that Correa holds a fairly machismo view about females and their silly rape claims.

    Padraig Reidy of Index on Censorship, a group that in 2008 bestowed its new media prize on WikiLeaks.

    “There seems to be a real shift in WikiLeaks positioning from being purely about freedom of information into this vague, anti-imperialist, anti-American, anti-NATO kind of thing. It’s become much more about this kind of vaguely anti-Western kind of sentiment, this mushy kind of politics,”

  3. Jim Denham said,

    I think we should start monitoring “rape revisionism” on the so-called “left”, in the light of the Assange case. here’s a disgraceful example from (the ex-SWP degenerates) Counterfire:

    “But ultimately it is because of Wikileaks that the Assange case has not disappeared like many other allegations of sexual assault which the British state fails to pursue through the courts.”

    Counterfire’s (and ‘Stop The War Coalition’s) John Rees is a rape-apologist:–julian-assange-asylum-debate-john-rees-on-the-jeremy-vine-show

  4. Andrew Coates said,

    I reckon, judging by the facebook comments, that the Rees of this world have lost the support of the left. MInd you Tariq Ali is cropping up in this context. One of my housemates, when we were in the IMG in the 70s always said that Ali was a ‘Gulag’ and I he had a point.

    • Pinkie said,

      Tariq Ali a ‘Gulag’, what does that mean?

      Say what you like about Tariq, at least he is nothing like the ghastly John Ross or the ‘much missed’ Redmond O’Neill. An easy win, mind you.

      • Andrew Coates said,

        It was 1970s leftist slang – a person who’d support the Gulag if it was in the right hands. A bit like ‘Tankie’ but applied to so-called ‘Trotskyists’.

  5. Jim Denham said,

    Misogynists and rape-apologists naturally solidarise:

  6. Jimmy Glesga said,

    Assange and maybe gorgeous do not realise that they are political role models and their political genius may attract women that just want to be shagged by such intellect.

  7. sackcloth and ashes said,

    From ‘Private Eye’, 30th September 2011, Issue 1298

    ‘Assange’s WikiLeaks forced Ethiopian reporter Argaw Ashine to flee the country after it printed cables from the US State Department, without taking the basic precaution of removing the names of dissidents and journalists whom the authorities would arrest for talking to Americans.
    In Ashine’s case the idiots at WikiLeaks told the increasingly despotic government at Addis Ababa that Ashine had a government source who had warned him that the state was planning to attack the independent media.
    ‘”I was summoned by the police and they clearly told me I had two choices, disclose my source, otherwise face any possible consequences” [Ashine] said, “We have this anti-terrorism bill and according to that law I could face 20 years in prison with a single charge”‘.

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