Jim Crow flies again in run-up to US Presidential election

July 30, 2012 at 8:30 am (Champagne Charlie, Civil liberties, democracy, history, politics, Racism, Republican Party, United States)

‘Shiraz’ Commenter Robin Carmody writes:

“The really scary thing (see Friday’s Guardian) is how hard those with vested interests are trying effectively to fix the election, or come as close to doing that as is constitutionally allowed, by making it as hard as possible for likely Obama supporters to vote.  Worse still, this is strongest in Florida.”

Here’s the Doonesbury take:

We owe Garry Trudeau a huge thank you for this story arc. Here’s some history

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  1. Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

    All of which is far, far too late – the Republicans fixes needed to be fought tooth and nail back when they were being rubber stamped by Republican state legislatures – not now when barring the odd judicial intervention the battle and quite possibly the war itself is already lost,

    Because never before has one man offered so very much to so very few – even Sheldon Adelson’s $100m and the Koch brothers $400m expenditures on this campaign will be repaid many times over by Romney’s tax promises and the speeding up of the privatisation bonanza in education and other sectors.

    If they win this one there will literally be no limits left on their global power and ambitions and the expression 200 pharaohs – 5 billion slaves will no longer be the glib hipster hyperbole it was when Adrian Peacock coined it.

    And should they somehow lose there will still be no fightback from the Democrats in Obama’s second term and the hyper-elite will just redouble their efforts yet again for 2016.

    Once I might have looked desperately for a Marxist silver lining – but now I can only channel Private Hudson from Aliens:

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