Tory press and Blairites attack Unite left-winger

July 23, 2012 at 8:12 pm (AWL, Jim D, labour party, mccarthyism, Murdoch, Tony Blair, Tory scum, trotskyism, Unite the union)

Dave Quayle, Chair of Unite’s National Political Comittee, was recently interviewed by Solidarity, paper of the AWL, on the subject of Unite’s strategy for the Labour Party.

You can read the article here

Now The Sun has picked up on it:

Union’s vow to go left

Published: 21st July 2012

HARDLINE union bosses have vowed to drag Labour further to the left before the next General Election — sparking civil war in the party.

Dave Quayle, a leading figure in Labour’s biggest financial backers Unite, issued the chilling warning in an interview. He said: “We want a firmly class-based and left-wing general election campaign in 2015.

“We’ve got to say that Labour is the party of and for workers, not for neo-liberals, bankers and the free market. That might alienate some people — but that’s tough.”

Mr Quayle, who is chairman of Unite’s national political committee, added: “We want to shift the balance in the party away from middle class academics.”

His comments are further evidence of the union’s plot to take over the party — as revealed by The Sun in March. General Secretary Len McCluskey has said he wants Labour to have more “working class” candidates.

But figures on the right of the party fear more left-wingers will be elected — and drag Labour back to the 1980s, when they lost two general elections.

Labour leader Ed Miliband, who visited Corby, Northants, yesterday, was urged to act.

A source said: “This is a test of the party leadership to see if they’re serious about being a modern party capable of winning.”

The Torygraph  has also latched on, though at least their article is pretty factual and devoid of obvious red-baiting…

…something that cannot be said of the Blairite Labour Uncut website, which really is a classic. It also seems likely that Labour Uncut tipped off the Tory press about Quale’s interview.

Dave Quayle has since been leant on by “senior figures” from the Party about the article, but is standing firm. Here is what he posted on the United Left email list:

“First of all apologies to comrades for having to read this in the Scum/Sun […] I’m a former hot metal newspaper printer who did his time on picket [duty] outside Wapping so won’t buy or even read under normal circumstances any of Murdoch’s publications.

“I attach a copy of the publication in question so you can read it all. I was asked to do the interview by ‘Solidarity’ the newspaper of the AWL. I have no problem doing this but it has become an issue in itself. Now I think the article is a balanced view of our Political Strategy which was overwhelmingly endorsed at the recent Policy Conference and I stand by every word of it.

“The article was picked up by the uber Blairite blog site ‘Labour Uncut’ who went hysterical in denouncing me and UNITE, check it out it’s a good laugh! For example the piece under the denunciation of me/us is about the need to come clean and tell people about how much we ‘need’ to cut the NHS by. I kid you not.

“Then the mainstream right wing press picked up on the the blog, which was also [reported] in the Daily Telegraph.

“Now at least a good many of our activists and members know about our strategy!

“I have been contacted by, shall we say, senior figures in thge Labour party, very off the record saying they have no major problems with the article but please don’t do any more interviews for Trot papers (their words not mine). So ever onwards!”


  1. Robin Carmody said,

    They really are desperate, aren’t they? That Sun report really does have the smell of a crumbling empire about it.

  2. Jimmy Glesga said,

    Do people still buy it for the Bingo! Or for women with big tits to run the country.

  3. Robert said,

    It does Bingo, jeez did not know that.

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