AURORA MOVIE THEATRE MASSACRE: is this the stupidest Socialist Unity posting yet?

July 23, 2012 at 6:59 pm (blogging, conspiracy theories, Jim D, mental health, terror)

Socialist Unity was once a reasonably serious left-wing blog. It long ago degenerated into a crude mixture of Stalinism, apologetics for the Chinese and Syrian ruling classes, soft porn (yes!) and (from one contributor, at least) rank antisemitism.

They have put a block on us even linking to them, so if you want to check this out you’ll have to (figuratively) hold your nose and go there yourself :

This is the sum total of what they posted on 22 July:

A commenter called ‘Pinkie’ (presumably the same ‘Pinkie’ who occasionally comments here), wrote this:

Get this right, nobody has accused ‘terrorists’ or ‘black thugs’ of this crime. All you have done is to say that if the apparent perpetrator were an Arab or Black then the reaction might be different.

Truly pathetic. What you are saying is that if things were different (that is contrary to what is known) then they would probably be racist. But things aren’t different and nobody has talked about terrorism or thuggery. That is because it appeared to be the act of a lone crazy.

You do not need to magic up racism in this case, it’s not there. Why not address real racism instead, instead of saying ‘it would have been a racist accusation if racist accusations were made’.

Stupid stuff.


  1. Jim Denham said,

    Charlie Brooker on how to cover mass killings responsibly:

  2. SteveH said,

    How to cover mass killings the Shiraz way:

    Ignore them if carried out by imperialists
    If you can’t ignore them just support them by quoting rights for women or something.
    Don’t call them mass killings if carried out by imperialism, call them operations against brutal dictators.
    Highlight them and exaggerate them if carried out by opponents of imperialism.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Steve H: hysteric.

  4. Minotatra said,

    Спасибо за лайки и подписку! И снова с вами Саша и ее кот Васька! Итак, как вы уже знаете, главное дождаться, когда родители уйдут….

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