Jew-baiting in football

June 19, 2012 at 5:08 pm (anti-semitism, blogosphere, Europe, gloating, Jim D, Racism, scotland, sport, thuggery)

Example #1 (lovingly reported on 18 June at Socialist Unity, who prevent us linking):

According to the Sunday Herald:

“It wasn’t much fun being an Israeli footballer at Tynecastle yesterday. Lashed by the rain, barracked by pro-Palestinian demonstrators – and seven goals down at half-time…against a noisy backdrop of protests about the imprisonment of Palestinian footballers. The Israeli national anthem was jeered, and the players booed…the demonstrators’ chants for Scotland to score 10″

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  1. Link only goes to homepage.

    Link to story: Signeul’s side inflict rout on suffering visitors

    Posted by skidmarx 18 June, 2012 at 10:34 am
  2. absolutely brilliant protest.reminded me of similar protest some years back at a men,s U21 game between the two in Livingstone(or was it Hamilton?). on that occasion we were frisked and scanned and all palestinian flags/posters were confiscated by the police.inside we were constantly filmed and photographed by special branch goons. however we managed to get a few flags in thanks to female protesters who had secreted them in their of all, scores of balloons were blown up inside and formed to make Palestinian symbols. throughout,there was non stop chanting,so important as the game was being broadcast live in Israel. well done everyone. couldn,t make it myself due to going to the well attended and important REFUGEES ARE WELCOME/STOP THE EVICTIONS demo in Glasgow.

    Posted by iain brown 18 June, 2012 at 11:22 am
Example #2 (less lovingly reported here):
But the report says racism is commonplace. At a Europa League game in September, fans of Legia Warsaw, arguably the most racist and antisemitic of any in Poland, displayed a jihad banner behind the goal in an anti-Jewish demonstration against their Israeli opponents Hapoel Tel Aviv.

A couple of weeks later the same fans chanted “Hamas, Hamas, Jews off to the gas” to fans from Lodz, a city whose population was a third Jewish before the second world war. Lowles says it is not just the supporters who are prone to nationalism. Jan Tomaszewski, a former Polish goalkeeper, said last August he was ashamed of the current Polish team which was made up of players who were not “true Poles”. Tomaszewski, now an MP for the rightwing Law and Justice party, said: “This hotchpotch lacks only a cannibal from Africa, who once ate a Polish missionary. This is not a Polish team. There are Colombian and German stray dogs.”

Someone explain the difference, please.


  1. modernity's ghost said,

    Would that be the same Skidmarx is given a free rein here?

  2. Mick O said,

    The difference is that in Eastern Europe racism and anti semitism is widespread in football. I doubt any of the demonstrators at Tynecastle were football supporters.

  3. Sarah AB said,

    On the one hand – I think there is a distinction. And yet then I look at comment 4 here:

    “Israel Deleted. nice knowing you.
    Posted by jim mclean”

  4. Gene said,

    Example #1 (lovingly reported on 18 June at Socialist Unity, who prevent us linking)

    You too? Mazal tov!

  5. Canon Newman Friend of the IRA said,

    Gene. The Nazi mobsters are still around us pretending to be socialists. Unity.

  6. BobFromBrockley said,

    Should I be offended that SU still allows me to link there?

  7. modernity's ghost said,

    It shouldn’t be too hard to get around any minor technical measures that SU blog takes trying to prevent people linking there, if you have the will.

    But finding bits of racism at SU blog or those apologising for it, isn’t too difficult either, as their post on “Ahmadinejad Never Said Israel ‘Must Be Wiped Off The Map’” showed.

  8. Matt said,

    By paying to go in the ground and watching the game, aren’t these PSC supporters breaking their own boycott of all things Israeli?

  9. modernity's ghost said,

    Every time these pro-boycotters turn on their PCs and laptops, access the web, use Google they are, in part, using Israeli know-how.

    They are not serious people, it is all political theatre to them.

    Israelis are simply this moment’s convenient scapegoat for the pro-boycotters’ middle class angst.

    • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

      And equally the tech you are using in all or part comes from the slave sweatshops of the Chinese fascist dictatorship.

      So can we not demonstrate against that regime?

      And Israel is much more than ‘this moments convenient scapegoat’ – its been scapegoated (not a word I am altogether happy about implying as its does complete blamelessness) for so long and with such intensity that there is clearly something much deeper going on.

      • Matt said,

        No one is against demonstrating against the Israeli government, it’s the boycott that’s the question here. Are you be proposing that the boycott be extended to Chinese goods, artists, writers and musicians?

      • Roger McCarthy (@RF_McCarthy) said,

        Of course not – I was just pointing out that while Modernity and I might well be on the same side as regards a general boycott the arguments he advances are poor ones.

        And while on this point paying money to go to a football match and demonstrate against the country one of the teams is from is a rather peculiar form of ‘boycott’.

  10. Jodley said,

    Oh you are so stupid, Sarah A.B. The `israel deleted` comment is a joke about to someone saying the title was wrong – saying Israel in one place and Palestine in another. ‘Israel’ had been replaced with `Palestine`. There is no language that will ever satisfy you idiotic, witch-hunting, seething idiots. Any joke has to be parsed just in case it contains racism. Which that one didn’t. Unless you’re an idiot. Which you are.

  11. Sarah AB said,

    It’s entirely possible I was being oversensitive or mssed something. But as I am banned from commenting it was difficult to enquire further.

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