Greek election results: New Democracy by a whisker

June 17, 2012 at 7:53 pm (capitalist crisis, elections, Europe, Greece, Jim D)

Official exit poll from interior ministry puts ND on 29.5% and Syriza on 27.1%. It also looks like the GD vote has held. It looks like the conservatives of New Democracy have won by a whisker, and will form a government, but (as Roger comments below), “only due to the ridiculous +50 seat bonus for coming first (and IIRC this was exactly the arrangement Mussolini imposed on Italy before he decided to just dispense with elections altogether)…”

Athens News is showing the results as they come in.

latest results:{%22cls%22:%22party%22,%22params%22:{%22id%22:2}}
New Democracy           29.9% (+ 11%) 130 seats;  Syriza                         26.7%  (+ 9.1%) 71 seats;  PASOK                       12.4%  (- 0.8%) 33 seats; Independent Greeks      7.5%   (- 3.1%) 20 seats;  Golden Dawn               6.9%    (- 0.1%)  18 seats;  Democratic Left            6.2%   (+ 0.1%) 17 seats;  KKE                            4.5%   (- 4%)    12 seats;  Recreate Greece          1.6%    no seats;     LAOS                          1.6%   (-1.3%)  no seats;     Eco Greens                  0.9%   (- 2%)     no seats; Kinema Den Piliroro       0.4%   no seats; ANTARSYA                  0.3%   ( – 0.9%)  no seats.

Dave K writes:

Syriza’s extra percentage seem to come from people who didnt vote or backed the KKE (whose vote has nearly halved), the Greens, ANTARSYA in May and rather then PASOK this time round.

I am suprised Democratic Left (Eurocommunists who vacillate over austerity) kept their vote. It makes them very important in the next few days or so.

Worryingly also the Neo Nazi Golden Dawn kept their vote about the same.

Voters who peviously voted for centerist, Liberal or nationalist parties that have collapsed seem to have switched to New Democracy.

Theodora Polenta writes:

PASOK (or what is left of it) has stated that they will not participate in a national (i.e Greek bond holders) coalition (with ND-Ultra neoliberals fascists and other affiliates that are within ND) GOVERNMENT if SYRIZA is not part of it
But pressure is on MerkOland and Obama and other Socialists will have to have a say in our democracy (globalised democracy)
So PASOK stance may change
DHMAR may just about put the icing on the cake….
SYRIZA clearly stated that if ND fails to form a government they will not participate in any attermpts to form a government
I am just hearing Venizelos say that PASOK has resisted and conserve its power (well not much to maintain)…
I have to go Tsipras is about to speak and contrary to ND manifestations people are out in the streets waving red flags and shouting in support of a left government that is in our doorstep..
A spectre is haunting Europe-the spectre of SYRIZA
All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcize this spectre
But we are winning
The INTERNATIONAL GREEK solidarity movement should not say
We are all Greeks
We are all SYRIZA
And for the first time after fighting for all my conscious political existence against Eurocommunism
I can confirm I am SYRIZA too…


  1. Roger said, has the latest (not difficult to work out which party is which).

    Again ND wins only due to the ridiculous +50 seat bonus for coming first (and IIRC this was exactly the arrangement Mussolini imposed on Italy before he decided to just dispense with elections altogether).

    One can’t help but feel a certain schadenfreude at seeing the Stalinist KKE deservedly reduced to the pitiful level of support of the once-mighty PCF and PCE as half their voters have switched to Syriza.

    While profoundly disappointing this was an impossibly risky situation for Syriza.

    If the Germans remained obdurate (as for her own electoral reasons Merkel probably would) not just a Syriza govt but every aspect of Greek society would have collapsed within weeks when the money ran out and Greece could no longer afford to pay for imports.

    If an ND-PASOK coalition is formed and carries on imposing austerity with a very weak mandate (nearly 60% of Greeks again voted against austerity) Syriza should be able to consolidate its success and sweep into power when as seems inevitable the coalition collapses in another year or two.

    Its interesting for instance that a number of the new ND MPs have been poached from other right and centre parties between elections and if they turned coats once (and in some cases they were already multiple coat-turners) they will presumably do so again with great ease.

    As for PASOK its support now seems to have dwindled only to the segment of public sector workers who still have faith that it will somehow protect THEIR jobs from austerity (they even seem to have lost Crete which was its last regional stronghold) and its surviving MPs must be seriously considering whether they’d be better off splitting away or even refusing to join a coalition and precipitating a third election.

  2. Gene said,

    Obama and other Socialists


  3. charliethechulo said,

    “Obama and other Socialists “: I think there should have been a comma between “Obama” and “and other socialists.” English is not Theodora’s first language, and I think this was a tweet in the first place.

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