Abolish the monarchy! Up the Republic!

June 3, 2012 at 11:08 am (AWL, democracy, Jim D, Monarchy, republicanism, socialism)

The Iconoclast – AWL pamphlet for Jubilee “celebrations”

“Although Britain’s monarchy has not invoked its powers of royal veto and dismissal since 1975, when its representative in Australia dissolved a Labor Party government, the very existence of those powers — and of the monrachy itself — is an affront to democracy.

“The monarchy is a financial drain, a political cover for violent reaction, and a reservoir of immense wealth and power obtained soley through accidents of birth.

“Its abolition is not something to be put off until some revolutionary future, but a key democratic demand to be fought for now. We can start on Jubilee weekend.”

From the AWL pamphlet for the ‘Queen”s Diamond Jubilee, making the case for socialist republicanism. Click here to download the PDF.


  1. angrysoba said,

    Yeah, well… it is an affront to democracy and all that but honestly who cares? If the monarchy is still supported by the vast majority of the population then what’s the point in scrapping it? I don’t trust enough of the civil service and political class to forge anything better.

  2. Jimmy said,

    The Queen epitomises the hard working protestant work ethos in this great nation. 60yrs and still going surely even the spongers on the unelectable loony hard left must admire that.

  3. Roger said,

    Did the monarch really involve herself in the decision to dissolve Gough Whitlam’s Labour government? – I always assumed that it was the Governor-General’s initiative.

    And the Gov-Gen in question was actually nominated by Whitlam himself.

  4. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

  5. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

  6. Matt said,

    According to Hall Greenland’s biography of Nick Origlass, Governor-General John Kerr had been mates with people in and came close himself to joining the Australian Trotskyist movement.

  7. Jimmy said,

    The Gov Gen did what was at the time an option in the Australian constitution. Not any longer now. The loony left in Britain as usual made a big thing of it as they had nothing else of importance to do or offer anyone in Britain.

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