‘Stop The War’ on Syria

May 27, 2012 at 9:12 pm (apologists and collaborators, conspiracy theories, Jim D, John Rees, Lindsey German, Syria, Troothers)

I’ve just visited the Stop The War website, looking for a comment on this:

Nothing about the Houla child massacre. Lots of weird and wonderful stuff from all manner of conspiracy theorists and a right-wing nutter  and 9/11 “troofer” who thinks Israel is the most repressive nation on earth.

But on Syria, there was this, from December 2011:

There is  a clear danger of yet another war in the Middle East.  The United States and Britain are turning  their attention to Syria, with the intention of engineering regime change in  their favour.

Stop the  War Coalition fully supports the right of the peoples in all the countries of  the Middle East to determine their own future and assert democratic  rights.  We are therefore implacably  opposed to any external intervention, especially military intervention, in  Syria.

In  relation to Syria, any military intervention will most likely be even more  destructive and costly than it was in Libya.   It will increase Arab and Muslim alienation from the western  powers.  Most Syrian people, while  demanding democratic rights, would oppose any such interference.

Public  opinion in Britain would not support any further military adventures of the  type seen in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, especially at a time when government  austerity policies pose a growing threat to living standards.

NATO is  already manoeuvring to weaken Syria through sanctions, which have never been an  alternative to war as much as a prelude to it, acclimatising public opinion to  the “inevitability” of war.  It is also  interfering politically, trying to ensure that the Assad regime is replaced by  one with a pro-western orientation, rather than one based on those forces which  have struggled for years to create a democratic and anti-imperialist  alternative.

Stop the  War Coalition believes the Syrian people should assert their own democratic  rights and determine their own system of government without the kind of external  interference which has proved so disastrous in Iraq and Afghanistan, and looks  like working no better in Libya.  We  therefore oppose any foreign attempts to create an unrepresentative  “government-in-exile”, which would have no purpose beyond further legitimising  the case for military intervention.

World  opinion, as expressed at the United Nations, is also clearly against any  interference in Syria, with China, Russia, India and Brazil among those  opposed.  The US and Britain are  therefore looking once more to the Arab League, and in this case Turkey, to  provide a cover for their war policy.   However, the world will not get fooled again after the experience of  Libya, where a supposed intervention “to save civilians” developed into a  regime change war which cost at least 30,000 lives.

Stop the  War Coalition therefore opposes all foreign military intervention in Syria.

These people really are loathsome, isolationist scum, aren’t they?

P.S: I see the Graun has augmented its inhouse team of pro-Assad apologists (Steele, Milne, etc) with the professional Assad lackey Patrick Seale.


  1. Steven W . said,

    Sometimes , I wonder why I’m stll on the political left .

    • Robin Carmody said,

      Good to see you admitting that the far-right is your spiritual home …

    • Robin Carmody said,

      Sorry for my previous post – I thought you were the cretinous “SteveH”. I understand the entirely different meaning now.

  2. modernity's ghost said,

    The StWC is not Left. It is little England with a torn T-shirt, no toothpaste and a post-teen sense of rebelliousness.

    The StWC coverage of the Middle East is parochial, off the wall and myopic.

    It has used material from antisemites, 9/11 conspiracy freaks and US isolationists. It is to the right of the CBI.

    It is fearful of change, ideologically tied to the pre-1990s state of the world and run by mediocrities.

  3. UPDATE: 'Stop The War' on Syria « Shiraz Socialist « Regional Wars! said,

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  4. sackcloth and ashes said,

    The Support Tyrants and War criminals Collective does it again.

  5. Jim Denham said,

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