Boycott this bird!

May 27, 2012 at 11:01 am (Beyond parody, insanity, israel, Jim D, stalinism, surrealism)

I am reliably informed that these letters are genuine, and the authors prominent members of the BDS campaign.

For once I have some sympathy with the editors of the Morning Star


The Hoopoe Photo: Omer Hacohen
The Hoopoe

LETTERS, Wednesday 23 May

The Israel boycott should extend to Star’s daily quiz

I often wonder why so many of its readers find the Morning Star so exasperating.

Despite its condemnation of zionists it yet finds space to include an item in its daily quiz about Israel’s national bird.

Is the Star not aware there’s a cultural boycott going on?

And then, despite it’s condemnation of the Bahrain Grand Prix and rightly so, it then goes on to tell us who won.

For goodness sake comrades, get your act together.

George Abendstern

The Morning Star has always been the newspaper you could rely on to support the cause of the Palestinians, so why of all the birds in the world did you choose the Israeli national bird to include in your quiz?

Maybe you don’t support the methods chosen by the International Solidarity Movement of BDS to assist the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom and justice – a demand that came from them originally.

This includes any reference to their wildlife.

Linda Clair


P.S: what is it with Stalinists and birds?

H-t: Patrick F (and Anton for the Youtube clip).


  1. Martin Rodgers said,

    As a Rochdale Councillor and RSPB member, I am grateful to you for exposing this hotbed of Stalinism, Antizionism and Ornithophobia existing in our Borough.

  2. Jim Denham said,

    A more serious example of the boycott (ie the Globe Theatre and Habima’s ‘Merchant of Venice’): listen to Maureen Lipman making mincemeat of Roger Lloyd Pack on BBC Radio 4’s ‘The World This Weekend’ today:
    NB: scroll up about 85% of the way.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    More madness in the Morning Star’s letters column, (reported by Coatsey):

  4. Sarah AB said,

    I felt sorry for him (Lloyd Pack) – but he should have gone into it more before agreeing to speak (and indeed before signing).

  5. entdinglichung said,

    the Hoopoe was always a controversial bird, see

    Hoopoes are distinctive birds and have made a cultural impact over much of their range. They were considered sacred in Ancient Egypt, so they were “depicted on the walls of tombs and temples”. They achieved a similar standing in Minoan Crete.

    In the Bible, Leviticus 11:13–19, hoopoes were listed among the animals that are detestable and should not be eaten. They are also listed in Deuteronomy (14:18) as not kosher.

    Hoopoes also appear in the Quran in Surah Al-Naml 27:20–22 in the following context “And he Solomon sought among the birds and said: How is it that I see not the hoopoe, or is he among the absent? (20) I verily will punish him with hard punishment or I verily will slay him, or he verily shall bring me a plain excuse. (21) But he [the Hoopoe] was not long in coming, and he said: I have found out (a thing) that thou apprehendest not, and I come unto thee from Sheba with sure tidings.”


  6. Sarah AB said,

    Tereus was metamorphosed into a hoopoe. An unfortunate parallel.

  7. Boleyn Ali said,

    “This includes any reference to their wildlife”.


  8. Faster Pussycat Miaow! Miaow! Miaow! said,

    This includes any reference to anything they might have. Please avoid all references to potatoes, water, wool, plaster, budgies, furniture or the common cold.

    Is the Morning Star a newspaper or a tight fitting set of ideological blinkers?

  9. Boleyn Ali said,

    Do sub Saharan migrants belong to Imperialism or Anti-Imperialism?

  10. Faster Pussycat Miaow! Miaow! Miaow! said,

    Get your Zionist swans off my front lawn!

  11. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    i am a zionazi-penguin with an interest in gaining inter-species love action. all proposals considered.

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