Chinese labour activist to be released after serving 11 year prison term

May 26, 2012 at 11:34 am (China, good people, Human rights, Jim D, rights, solidarity, stalinism, unions, women)

Some good news for the Chinese working class: Hu Mingjun is about to be released. 

But with so much of the contemporary “left” noticeably keen on China (either as the inevitable future world superpower, or as the only realistic alternative to Western ‘neo-liberal’ capitalism), it’s important to remember that it is a highly repressive, anti-working class state-capitalist regime. The following is from

China Labour Bulletin<!–

Well-known democracy campaigner and workers’ rights activist Hu Mingjun (below) is to be released from prison on 28 May after serving an 11 year prison term for “subversion of state power,” Human Rights in China has reported . He is believed to be in very poor health.

Hu was one of the leaders of the Sichuan provincial branch of the banned China Democratic Party. He was detained by police in early 2001 after offering to help striking workers at the Dazhou Steel Mill in Sichuan. Around 1,000 workers at the plant had earlier organised a mass protest demanding the payment of overdue wages.

Hu was initially charged with “incitement to subvert state power” but the charges were subsequently increased to “subversion.” Hu was sentenced to 11 years’ imprisonment by the Dazhou Intermediate People’s Court in May 2002.

Hu’s mother told Human Rights in China that after his detention, the family heard nothing from the authorities until months after his trial. She said, “We did not know that he had been sentenced to 11 years until August or September 2002, when the police brought the verdict to his father in a hospital room to get his signature. His father said, ‘I won’t be able to see my son again.’ He passed away a few months later.” She said that Hu Mingjun was suffering from frequent chest pains and nausea, and would faint from the smell of cigarette smoke. According to her, when Hu applied for permission to get a check-up in a hospital outside the prison, it took two or three years before he got the approval. The exam showed that his left ventricle was enlarged and he has needed medications ever since.

Hu was one several activists sentenced to long prison terms in the early 2000s for their role in helping workers seek redress for rights violations during the mass restructuring of state-owned enterprises at the time.

H-t: Patrick Smith

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  1. crust said,

    And that is what is sad about our socialist mind.Our youth caught in the text of Mao and Lenin,lost in a time of political ignorance, and their answer to it, death or isolation.Hard lines our socialist belief runs, bugger that its raveled in pasts stand over.

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