Greek election results

May 7, 2012 at 6:34 am (economics, elections, Europe, Greece, Jim D)

A woman leaves a polling station in Athens after voting in Greece's national election

Above: Athens polling station ©Reuters

Here are the Greek election results by percentage in full:

New Democracy 20.02
Syriza 16.06
Pasok 13.79
Independent Greeks 10.44
Communist Party of Greece 8.38
Chryssi Avgi 6.86
Democratic Left 6.00
Popular Orthodox Rally 2.88
Democratic Alliance 2.55
Ecologists Greens 2.82
Recreate Greece 1.99
Drasi 1.65
Antarsya 1.17

Only parties who have 3% of vote enter parliament.

I calculate the total vote for the left- of-Pasok parties (Syriaza, KKE, Democratic Left, Antarsya) as 30.6%. The total vote for the right wing parties (Chryssi Avgi/Golden Dawn, LAOS, Independent Greeks) as 20% and the centrist pro memorandum parties (New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic Alliance) as 36%.

This result is interesting because of the three left parties Syriaza has done better then opinion polls suggested and the KKE (Communist Party of Greece) and Democratic Left worse. Syriaza though still a reformist party formed out of Euro Communism does contain Trotskyists and is a relatively democratic party. The KKE is violently sectarian and archly stalinist and the Democratic Left is a confused Euro-Communist reformist party not that far left of PASOK.

For a useful summary of the Greek parliamentary parties standing in the election of 6 May and what they stand for, see the first half of Nick Malkoutzis’s pre-election article ‘Greece’s painful political transition’:
His analysis may be middle of the road for some (a bit like ‘The Independent’). Certainly it is too internally focused, attributes insufficient attention to the effect of the international crisis on Greece, and therefore seems to suggest Greece can reform itself out of the crisis. But it provides English speakers, baffled by Greek politics, with a very clear and comprehensive introduction to the parliamentary contenders and what they stand for.
H-t: Dave K


  1. representingthemambo said,

    I completely agree with your description of the KKE. I can’t believe they are behaving so irresponsibly to be honest.
    To my eyes it would appear that some unity is in order. Whatever it’s flaws Syriza is the place for all of the anti-austerity left to at least try and work together.
    The Golden Dawn crowd look genuinely horrific. I’ve just been watching the video of that press conference over at Liberal Conspiracy and they are quite clearly Nazis.
    If it wasn’t all so serious they would be funny, but as it is, I can’t help worrying that the divisions on the Greek left could give them an opportunity……..

  2. Roger said,

    Key is that first ND, then Syriza and then PASOK only get three days each to try and form a govt and there is then a general conference of party leaders and if that fails there will be a second election.

    Should Syriza then outpoll ND (quite feasible) it will then benefit from the bizarre first past the post top up seats ND are benefiting from now and a real left government would then become feasible – particularly if PASOK most of whose most obnoxious ministers and MPs lost their seats regains its senses and purges itself.

    At which point I would not be at all surprised to see tanks on the streets and a real European crisis (can Merkel actually survive imposing a fascist military government on an EU member?).

  3. representingthemambo said,

    Reblogged this on Representing the Mambo.

  4. Greek elections: reasons to hope, reasons to worry….. « Representing the Mambo said,

    […] reaction to the results in the mainstream press has been predictable. How dare the Greeks reject the Merkel’s medicine? […]

  5. Jim Denham said,

    From Comrade Vicky:

    Maybe one or two more details that we didn’t know from other sources (Almpanis is Greek Social Forum, OK guy).

    From: Yannis Almpanis
    To: ESF ; Social Movements
    Sent: Monday, 7 May 2012, 20:57
    Subject: [fse-esf] Political earthquake in Greece

    Political earthquake in Greece


    These are the final results of the parliamentarian elections in Greece:

    Nea Dimokratia (Right wing pro austerity program) 18,85%, 108 seats (33,47% in 2009 elections)
    SYRIZA (Coalition of the radical left, anti austerity) 16,78%, 52 seats (4,60%)
    PASOK (Socialists, pro austerity) 13,18%, 41 seats (43,92%)
    Independents Greeks (Populist Right, anti austerity) 10,60%, 33 seats (this party is a split of Nea Dimokratia and it was formed two months ago)
    KKE-Communist party 8,48%, 26 seats (7,54%)
    Golden Dawn (nazi gang) 6,97% 21 seats (0,29%)
    Democratic Left (moderate left, right wing split of SYRIZA) 6,11%, 19 seats (first time in elections)
    Green Ecologists 2,93%, no seats (2,53%)

    1.This is a political earthquake. It is an unprecedented collapse of the bi-party political system that dominated the country since the fall of the dictatorship in 1974. PASOK and Nea Dimokratia have no majority neither in votes, nor in Parliament.
    2.The voters have rejected in a very clear way the political forces that implemented austerity programs: PASOK, Nea Dimokratia, LAOS. People voted against IMF and EU policies.
    3.This is an unprecedented triumph of the Left in general and SYRIZA in particular. The total of the Left is 32,56%. This is a historic record, even better than the 25% of 1958.
    4.SYRIZA is the second country of the country. It took almost 4 times more than in 2009. It is No 1 party in the area of Athens with more than 20%. It is also number 1 in the ages between 18 and 35, No1 in unemployed and public sector employees, No1 in all the popular neighborhoods. This is a very clear class vote. People approved the 3 main positions of SYRIZA: a) rejection of the austerity programs, b) united front of the whole Left, c) formation right now of a leftist government that will end austerity.
    5.It is a real shame for our people that the Nazis are entering the parliament. The continuous anti-immigrants campaign of the Government has strengthened them. They have also taken advantage of the anti-political tendencies of Greek society. Now the Nazis will have hundreds of thousands of state money to fund their murderous gangs.
    6.It seems very difficult to form a new government right now. The only way to do so is to convince Democratic Left to enter a Nea Dimokratia-PASOK government. But it seems more realistic that new elections will be held on early June.
    In conclusion, in Greece, class struggle is entering in a new more intense period. Will it be a new “Weimar Republic” or “the first Latin America-style leftist government in Europe”?
    Yannis Almpanis, 7/5/12

  6. Roger said,

    Not sure what either ‘new Weimar Republic’ or first ‘Latin America-style leftist government in Europe’ really means here,

    To adapt TS Eliot Weimar’s end was very much in its beginning – the crisis that attended it’s revolutionary birth required the bourgeoisie to give the president emergency powers to unleash the Freikorps and Reichswehr to restore order, its end was brought about by the use of those same emergency powers to impose first Bruning’s austerity programme and then Hitler’s regime.

    In fact for its last three years Weimar was already a dictatorship in all but name – Bruning, Schleicher and Papen all ruled through presidential decrees – just as Hitler did (at least in constitutional terms) before the death of Hindenburg allowed him to abolish the last vestiges of the constitution.

    Does the Presidency in Greece really have that level of authority?

    As for ‘Latin American leftist governments’ this is a category so wide as to be extremely dubious but in most cases aren’t these characterised by a combination of a) a strong executive presidency, b) relatively weak party systems and c) traditions of populist caudillismo – none of which Greece has.

  7. Greek_reports said,

    Terrible……I cannot believe the golden dawn! after their thug like attacks in the centre of Athens were allowed to enter the parliament.

    From a bunch of lazy government workers, to a bunch of racist rats!

    • Roger said,

      Absolute bollocks.

      91% of Greek voters did not vote for the two fascist parties.

      This makes them about half as racist as the Greeks or Italians or for that matter the Dutch whose neo- and post-fascist parties poll at 15-20%

    • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

      @gREEK rePOrtS ;you slimy thick cunt. I wood gladly hev you gulagged for being a thick cunt.

  8. Jim Denham said,

    From the London correspondent of the Nation, in today’s Graun:

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