Galloway: red-baiter

April 21, 2012 at 5:45 am (apologists and collaborators, Asshole, BBC, Beyond parody, Galloway, Jim D, mccarthyism, Middle East, populism, red-baiting, stalinism, surrealism, wankers)

OK, I couldn’t resist: another Galloway moment. I think it’s been over a week since the last one. Regrettably, I did not see Question Time on Thursday night, but the Raincoat Optimist over at Though Cowards Flinch reports:

Question Time was a real treat last night. Yvette Cooper kicking Theresa May when she was down, as Baroness (portfolio of nothing) Warsi tried and failed to defend her honour, while Tim Farron was a hoot, trying to hold the inharmonious position as comic and reluctant defender of the coalition government.

Of course the main event was George Galloway and David Aaronovitch, head to head.

Scarcely a few moments had passed until the pair were at each others neck, and the attempts to de-legitimise Aaronovitch’s arguments were quite familiar.

Instead of answering questions Galloway instead made reference to Aaronovitch’s previously held Communist convictions.

He did this, too, to Christopher Hitchens in that famous debate back in 2005, in New York. Unprepared to tackle the issues, he appealed to the lowest form of argument: the ad hominem.

You will remember the lines:

“What Mr Hitchens has done is unique in natural history; the first-ever metamorphosis from a butterfly back into a slug. I mention ‘slug’ purposefully, because the one thing a slug does leave behind it is a trial of slime”.

On Question Time, Galloway made mention of the fact that in the way he believes in God, Aaronovitch believes in Stalin.

These “blows” were used instead of engaging with the point raised that Galloway has done nothing by way of condemning the behaviour of Assad – in fact, going so far as to “flatterhim

Read the rest here; the comments are good as well.

NB: Galloway’s attempt to smear Aaronovitch as an ex-Stalinist is truly breathtaking when you bear in mind that Galloway actually is a variety of Stalinist (and was throughout his membership of the Labour Party), who regularly writes for the ‘tankie’ Morning Star, whereas Aaronovitch was on the social democratic (in the modern sense) Euro-Communist wing of the old CP. But then, Galloway’s known for his “honesty” and “straight talking” isn’t he?

H-t: Faster Pussycat Miaow! Miaow! Miaow!


  1. Ed said,

    That’s enough Galloway.

  2. SteveH said,

    Fuck Aaronovitch, right wing scumbag.

  3. Clive said,

    Aaronovitch is pretty awful in these exchanges, too.

    • representingthemambo said,

      Agreed. But then that hardly a shock. The guy’s politics no longer bear any relation to anything even vaguely socialist or progressive.

  4. Jim M. said,

    Never a Hitch around when you need one!

    • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

      there is on youtube.

      also – there is still Zizek

  5. Pinkie said,

    Gorgeous George, Red Ken, truly awful people. Thank god we can rely upon the far left to put up credible candidates against them. We really are spoilt for choice, aren’t we?

    • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

      illogic. Mr illogic from Viz. That’s you. a new charachter. what a mess.

  6. blerergg ococmementrarayrer said,

  7. SteveH said,

    Great article about the establishments reaction to Galloway here:

    Incidentally I presume this site and Aaronovitch support the Saudi backed Jihad in Syria.

    Incidentally I do not know what a credible candidate is. Is it someone who milks the expenses system and panders to the rich?

  8. paul fauvet said,

    So SteveH is a supporter of the blood-soaked Assad regime. What a surprise!

  9. SteveH said,

    And Fauvet is a supporter of the Saudi royal family, its crushing of rebellion in the region and its strategic regional aims. No surpise at all!

    • Fasterpussycat Miaow! Miaow! Miaow! said,

      Utter not job. Steve Hadith needs to be killded

  10. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    very good outline of lenin’s anti-imperialism and outline of the utter shite spouted by thick fuckking cunt’s like steeve haitch and the like – ‘anti-imperialism’ bollox.

  11. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    something for Roseee BeLL

    Research shows that drivers give a cyclist who wears a helmet, and men with or without a helmet, a narrower berth.

    Women cyclists report that unwelcome attention from men (even at traffic lights!!!?) is deterred by not wearing a skirt.

  12. paul fauvet said,

    If SteveH is trying to be funny, he’s failing dismally. I seem to remember SteveH and his like condemning me for supporting rebellion against tyrannies in Libya and syria.

  13. SteveH said,

    No Fauvet I was simply responding to your own attempt to be funny, so if you say I was failing dismally you are only admitting that your comment was a dismal failure.

    I think you may be mixing me up with someone else, which is understandable as virtually anyone who considers themselves to be on the left will find reason to criticise you. You in no way supported the rebellions in Libya or Syria, every view you take on any of these matters is simply part of your apology for imperialism.

    The reason Galloway is generally so loved by Muslims is that he really is their champion (in fact radical Islamists hate Galloway as much as you lot do). The reason Muslims generally hate the likes of fauvet is because they know what he truely represents

  14. Alan said,

    This is all rather amusing. Robert Griffiths, John Haylett and the other tankies in the CPB leadership all revere Galloway, but on Question Time their man implied that belonging to the Communist Party is one of the biggest political crimes in the book. Will they now excommunicate him from the Morning Star clique? Don’t hold your breath. Gorgeous George must be endlessly indulged.

  15. paul fauvet said,

    Moslems hate me, SteveH? That will come as news to the moslems I work with. Unlike you, I choose to live in the real world and work with real people, and not the cardboard caricatures beloved of self-styled “anti-imperialists” such as yourself.

  16. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    “I was re-elected despite all the efforts made by the British government, the Zionist movement and the newspapers and news media, which are controlled by Zionism”

    G Galloway

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