Fascists Unfunded

March 16, 2012 at 9:39 pm (fascism, Rosie B)

News from Hope Not Hate:-

A few weeks ago BNP leader Nick Griffin boasted that he and two other fascist MEPs were going to share €289,266 with the prospects of much more to come. This morning Griffin woke up to the realisation that this funding is in jeopardy and future funding is incredibly unlikely.

Griffin, and two MEPs from the Front National (France) and Jobbik (Hungary), formed a political grouping within the Parliament called the European Parliament for Alliance of European Nationalist Movements (EAMN). They applied for money from the European Parliament from a pot put aside to help political parties carry out their work. Shockingly, their bid was accepted.

As soon as we learnt about this HOPE not hate began contacting MEPs and journalists to try to reverse the decision. This helped set in train a series of events which culminated in the case being heard by the Council of Presidents yesterday and a decision being taken to review the rules for funding parties and to investigate the possibility of getting back the money it has offered EAMN.

This is great news. Our money should not fund fascist parties.

At issue was that the BNP, the FN and Jobbik – all fascist parties – do not comply with the funding rules which clearly state that political parties have to abide by “the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law.” We all know that the BNP, with its racist agenda, does not.

Politicians from across the political spectrum spoke out against the EAMN funding, especially several Labour MEPs from Britain who were at the forefront of calling for the decision to be reversed.

HOPE not hate is proud of its role in working with MEPs and journalists to ensure taxpayer’s money does not fund fascist parties. Griffin was relying on this funding to prop up his sinking party. This money is now in question and he is certainly unlikely to get any more.

Excuse to run a Downfall piece:-


  1. Jimmy said,

    Is that Alec Salmond?

  2. representingthemambo said,

    Shouldn’t we be against funding of all parties by the EU, and not just the BNP?

  3. Jimmy said,

    themambo is switched on. Get out of Europe and stop the gravy train by the Shiraz Socialists and the all-sorts of right wingers. I would love to get the books and look at their expenses. All that is needed is a fair trade committee. That could be done online.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    “stop the gravy train by the Shiraz Socialists and the all-sorts of right wingers.”: I take it, Jimmy, that by “Shiraz Socialists” you don’t mean us?

    • Jimmy said,

      Dear Jim. Of course not. I should have said champagne socialists. I do like the occasional large glass of shiraz though.

  5. Rosie said,

    Yes – when is this gravy train going to stop for me to get on it?

    @Mambo – hadn’t thought of that aspect of it.

  6. Robin Carmody said,

    Is “88” here being used in the neo-Nazi sense?

    • Invictus_89 said,

      Robin, it certainly wasn’t. If you knew the topic of my undergraduate dissertation, you’d know how ironic that assumption was. 😉

  7. Invictus_88 said,

    Carmody, it absolutely is not! Please, don’t dismiss that little dig of mine as the cap of some huge iceberg of lurking fascism – it’s just a reasonable dislike of hypocrisy combined with an oblique (or not so oblique!) criticism of EU funding.

    (Though in spite of my decidedly non-fascist politics, my unfortunate choice of numbers does occasionally set people’s radars off. You’re definitely not the first, so it is an understandable mistake.)

  8. Invictus_88 said,

    Not, apparently, that the reasonableness of that dig was enough to keep it from being deleted by a zealous moderator..?

    …c’est la vie.

  9. Jim Denham said,

    As the “zelous moderator” in question, might I suggest that if your politics are “decidedly non-fascist” that you amend your moniker in order to avoid such “an understandable mistake”?

    P.S: I’ve absolutely no idea what’s going on with the order in which comments are appearing on this thread.

  10. Invictus_89 said,

    Wait, so it’s fine for democratically elected communists to have their snouts in the trough…but such privileges can be waived for democratically elected nationalists?

    Yeah. Um, you’ll have to run that one by me again. I’m just not getting it.

  11. Invictus_89 said,

    Gosh. Something seriously odd is going on with WordPress here, the comments system is totally out of whack. Hope they resolve it soon, it’s definitely confusing things here.

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