Total victory for the sparks!

February 24, 2012 at 7:12 pm (class, Jim D, Sheer joy, solidarity, unions, Unite the union, workers)

From: Dan J
Date: Friday, 24 February 2012
Subject: [lambethsos] Sparks Victory!
To: “” <>

Just got this and it really is an inspiration!

SPARKS PROTEST TOMORROW CANCELLED because…the other 5 companies have just given up!
The BESNA agreement is no more. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a victory thanks to the sustained direct action and protests by sparks and other construction workers’ and their independent rank and file action

It’s official: BESNA is finished

Grant Prior | Thu 23rd February | 18:18

The controversial BESNA reforms of the M&E sector have been officially killed off.

A statement from the Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association today said: ” In consultation with the remaining companies and following discussions with Unite, it has been agreed that HVCA will withdraw its proposal for the Building Engineering Services National Agreement (BESNA).

“As a result of today’s decision by HVCA, Unite has agreed not to pursue further industrial action or protests against the BESNA companies.

“HVCA, supported by its member companies, will now engage in high-level talks with Unite within an agreed timeline, with the aim of creating new proposals and ensuring agreed terms are honoured.”

The Enquirer revealed this week that the deal was dead in the water after Balfour Beatty pulled out at the eleventh hour and its fellow contractors quickly followed suit.

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  1. lostbutnotreturning said,

    in times like these,very difficult times,despite the increased level of resistance its easy to doubt everything…but lets hope that this is a great victory for our claa.that said the rank and file will have to keep up the pressure both on their own union and on the employers to ensure that there is no vampire or zombie life allowed into the BESNA renegades “agreement”or the renegad emploers.

    after the setback for the travellers,occupy,our libraries campaign(sos brent libraries),the ongoing struggle over pensions and many others we need every victory.we ned to consolidate and extend it.we ned to link up every struggle and to sow the seeds of how we want it to be in every battle to….

    victory to the sparks!…the struggle continues!

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