The Sun has got its balls kicked, Hip-hip-hip Hooray

February 16, 2012 at 2:41 pm (gloating, media, Rosie B)

You couldn’t make it up.  In fact, I did, when I quoted Trevor Kavanagh in yesterday’s edition of your soaraway Shiraz:-

“I am seriously thinking of bringing this case to the European Court of Human Rights.”

This was more prediction than fiction, as it happens.

Here’s an exclusive that I’ve lifted from The Independent.

The crisis in Rupert Murdoch’s news empire deepened last night when Sun journalists began planning legal action against their employer with the help of two things they have previously shunned – the Human Rights Act and the National Union of Journalists.

The Sun’s employees were not, of course, always such lily-livered liberal leftists as that.

‘I am happy to point out the cases where the Act has been used to right a real wrong… Except that I can’t think of any’
Jane Moore, 27 April 2011

”Soft judges must not put the human rights of dangerous fanatics above the right of decent citizens to live in safety’
Trevor Kavanagh, 28 may 2007

‘We’d love to see Britain ignoring orders from Strasbourg judges that stop us deporting foreign killers’
Sun editorial, 21 September 2011

‘How truly awful … Is belonging to Europe a price worth paying for allowing creeps like this to hide behind the Human Rights Act?’
Kelvin MacKenzie, 6 November 2008

Of course the journalists that the police have been snatching may plead that they didn’t write the anti EuroBureauFuroreLaw pieces of their colleagues.  But if you are only in the brothel to do the books, don’t be surprised when people think you are a whore.

As for the hapless Sun employees, what more can we expect?

Sun journalist seeks asylum in France

Sun journalist claims that living on benefits means “poverty”

Sun journalist says “my sex life is my own business”

“Murdoch is a love rat,” sobbed a betrayed Kavanagh.  “I thought we were close, and all the time he was running a love nest with Fox News and News International.”

(Turn to page 3 for picture of glum girl with her top on)


  1. representingthemambo said,

    How odd.
    I’ve just written pretty much the same article.
    Great minds think alike…….

  2. Mick Woods said,

    Nice to see the hypocritical bastards who work for NI squealing about their human rights but I fear Murdoch has “balls of steel” and has made some ugly deal with the powers that be. Otherwise he is bluffing about the NotW relaunch and is keeping his minions on-side until he can sell them down the river.

  3. Rosie said,

    Balls of steel, just like his underlings have necks of brass.

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