The Sun’s Kavanagh complains about a “witch-hunt”

February 15, 2012 at 6:46 pm (Asshole, beyong parody, conspiracy theories, crap, crime, gloating, Jim D, media, police, publications, strange situations, Tory scum)

Hilarious bleating from a pompous prat and utterly preposterous purvayor of humbuggery:

Trevor Kavanagh

This witch-hunt has put us behind ex-Soviet states on Press freedom

THE Sun is not a “swamp” that needs draining.

Nor are those other great News International titles, The Times and The Sunday  Times.

Yet in what would at any other time cause uproar in Parliament and among civil  liberty and human rights campaigners, its journalists are being treated like  members of an organised crime gang…

…[J]ournalists have been needlessly dragged from their beds in dawn raids, arrested and held in police cells while their homes are ransacked.

Wives and children have been humiliated as up to 20 officers at a time rip up floor-boards and sift through intimate possessions, love letters and entirely private documents”…

For a really good laugh, read the rest here. Then, all together now: Ahhhhhhh!

Come to think of it, this “beyond parody” thing is a pretty good idea that I may make a regular feature – ie simply republishing stuff that is such self-evident bollocks that it’s not worth even commenting upon, let alone mocking.

Easy blogging, as well.

Lady Warsi receiving a “rapturous reception” the Vatican with her complaint that religion is being denied “a seat at the table” in British public life, for instance… (here)


  1. Jimmy said,

    The bastards have been witch hunting the working class from day one.

  2. Robin Carmody said,

    Indeed. It should *not* be forgotten, considering what the Daily Herald had once been, that the very first Murdoch Sun on 17th November 1969 contained a quote from the Institute of Economic Affairs.

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