On Morecambe Bay

February 11, 2012 at 10:37 am (Rosie B, song)

I heard Christy Moore this morning singing On Morecambe Bay

I have met them in the markets,
Brushed their arms in grocery queues,
I should have grabbed them by the jacket,
Should have told them what I knew;
Told them what my mother told me
As we paddled in the waves
Never try and race the tide
Across the sands of Morecambe Bay

For the tide’s the very devil,
It can run you out of breath,
It can race you on the level,
It can chase you to your death,
Yes the tide’s the very devil
And the devil has his day
On the weary cockle grounds of Morecambe Bay

Words and music by Kevin Littlewood


  1. Gene said,

    Thanks, Rosie. I assume you’re familiar with this Woody Guthrie song, also about the deaths of foreign workers.

    • Rosie said,

      Good song, Gene. I like the Joan Baez version.

  2. Kevin LittlewoodKevin Littlewood said,

    Here’s a clip to a more user friendly version.
    Best wishes
    Kevin L.

  3. June M said,

    It’s good that someone has written a song about the tragedy as this helps it to be remembered in a very traditional way – I am hoping to write a stage play about it which will be true to the facts and to their memory as this event should never be forgotten

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