Amnesty: tell Russia not to block action against Syrian killings

February 4, 2012 at 11:08 am (Champagne Charlie, Civil liberties, Human rights, Middle East, revolution, Syria, terror, thuggery)

Dear Supporter,

In March last year, as people were rising up across the region, protesters took to the streets of Syria to demand human rights reforms. Since then over 5,000 have been killed as those in power responded with a bloody crackdown. Thousands have been arrested, hundreds tortured. Journalists cannot move freely and even Syrians in the UK have been harassed.

The Syrian authorities are abusing human rights and committing crimes against humanity. The bloodshed must stop. Urgent: tell Russia not to block action to end the killing

At this very moment, the UN Security Council is debating what measures to take concerning Syria. Yet a key Security Council member – Russia – has already threatened to block steps which could end the violent crackdown.

Russia blocked a previous UN Security Council resolution on Syria back in October. Since then, another 2,600 people have been killed. We must act urgently to stop Russia from using their veto to block a new resolution.

Tell Russia not to block efforts to stop the bloodshed in Syria

This new resolution isn’t perfect. For a start, it doesn’t call for a comprehensive embargo on arms sales to Syria – and we’ve heard reports the country continues to receive shipments of arms from its largest supplier: Russia. However, right now this resolution is the best chance we have to protect peaceful protesters and put an end to the killing. Email the Russian authorities now

Thank you,

Kristyan Benedict

Kristyan Benedict
Crisis Response Campaign Manager

Demonstrate for a human rights revolution – 11 February
Almost a year to the day that we rallied in solidarity with peaceful protesters in the Middle East and North Africa, we are returning to Trafalgar Square to show our continuing support for a human rights revolution across the region.

Join us and stand in solidarity with the men and women peacefully demanding an end to poverty, corruption, discrimination and repression in the face of brutal government repression. Find out more

If you’d like to know more about our ongoing work in the region, join our live Facebook chat next Wednesday


  1. skidmarx said,

    The same Jim Denham wrote almost exactly a year ago:

    As a member of Amnesty International and regular financial contributor, I shall cancel my direct debit unless Gita is re-instated withinin a reasonable period of time, and Amnesty breaks any links it may have with *any* organisations and individuals (not just Begg) shown, after full and fair investigation, to be in any way symapthetic to the Taliban or any other form of fascism

    so are Amnesty just bad at remembering to cancel your membership, or did you just get too tired and emotional to remember to write to them at all?

  2. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    good quote here:

    “We have already reached a point of no return. People have stopped being afraid and see how strong they are together,” said anti-government protester Ivan Kositsky. The 49-year-old said Putin “wants stability, but you can only find stability in the graveyard”.”

    …and fuck the fuck off shittyknickers you imbecile posh cunt oxbridge toff. Your sort will be dealt with accordingly when the time arrives.

  3. SteveH said,

    Amnesty were very good on documenting Israeli war crimes in Gaza. No one listened to them then (Shiraz didnt give a shit of course). I dont think Shiraz are therefore in any position to hand out lectures on this one.

    Let us hope the West fail in their attempt at total power within the region. To Shiraz this will translate to support for Assad. I was watching the film crossing over, where a Muslim girl was deported by the US for expressing views on 9/11 they interpreted as a threat to US security, employing the same contempt for enlightenment values as the Shiraz posse.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    “Shiraz didnt give a shit of course”

    Now that’s not quite true, is it, SteveH?

    This, for instance:

  5. SteveH said,

    Your link proves my point actually. I hope you have a better for instance than this to call upon. Where were the Amnesty reports that you usually churn out when the occasion suits?

    Saudi Arabia is the most important state in the Middle East for Western interests (among a whole host of important states). Even more so than Israel, it is a client state of the USA.

    Saudi Arabia, therefore, should be a key indicator of how seriously the West views bourgeois democracy or a system for the maximisation of wage slavery to give its proper name. What does Saudia Arabia tell us about the West’s mission in the Middle East? I just don’t buy into the West’s role as region civiliser, I see only grubby business interests.

    I would advise the brave people of the Middle East to steer clear of salvation in these bastards that rule us, don’t be fooled by the suits.

  6. Jim Denham said,

    “Your link proves my point actually”…

    And how would that be, exactly?

    Typical that while Russia and China have blocked even the UN’s relatively mild condemnation of Assad and the regime has massacred hundreds in Homs, the liar, obessive and antisemite StreveH can only bleat on about Israel. For some, it’s clearly business as usual, eh?

  7. SteveH said,


    You forgot gay hater also.

    I am simply exposing your own double standards.

    How could it be mild condemnation? You say Russia is blocking action against Syrian killings, this supposes more than just an angrily worded document. What you want is the no fly zone and Western backed regime change. This can be the only logic of your argument. Just as you would then go on to cheerlead the attack on Iran.

    Lets not talk in code here. Just say you want Cameron and Sarkozy to ride to the rescue again and stop the bullshitting.

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