I Fisk You a Merry Christmas

December 20, 2011 at 1:50 pm (Asshole, crap, Galloway, hitchens, Rosie B, twat, wankers)

This is fisking for dummies, but it’s Christmas after all:-

Let’s just hope God is merciful, Chris
By George Galloway

WELL, he kens noo. I hope that the deceased, unbelieving English man of letters Christopher Hitchens has discovered that God is not only great but merciful too.

[Now, when Christians say that kind of thing in pious tones, you know they are lying.   May all my enemies go to hell, Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel]

I had taken a self-denying ordinance over his demise at the weekend from osophageal cancer on the grounds that one should not speak ill of the recently dead and there would be nothing good to say about him considering the circumstances.

Two things forced me to shorten my purdah. The first was the way in which almost every one of the eulogies and profiles, in which I had declined to be represented on grounds of taste, nonetheless managed to attack me in the process of praising him.

[Oooh George – I’ve read loads of these, and y’know, you’re not mentioned THAT much.  The American ones don’t mention you at all.  But of course if your google alert says “George Galloway” – and I’m sure it does, not out of mere vanity though yours should never be underestimated, but for litigation opportunities – that’s how it must seem to you.]

The second was the sight of his friend Tony Blair, his voice catching with emotion in the “death of Diana way”, telling us what a great man he was.

This canonisation of the departed by some of the worst hypocrites operating in the English language must be halted before it slithers any further.

[Weel, I’d be very careful of the “h” word if I were you.]

Hitchens was the only-known case of a butterfly changing back into a slug.

He wrote like an angel but placed himself in the service of the devils.

He was a drink-soaked former Trotskyite popinjay, the Englishman in New York who discovered there were large bundles of right-wing dollars available for apostates like him. If they were prepared to betray their friends, their principles and sell the soul he didn’t believe he had in the first place.

[And I’m sure your work for Iran’s Press TV is done for a small pittance, barely enough to keep you in cigars.  Also the “popinjay” – which one is the dapper little chap and which one the untidy handsome guy out of you two?  And though it’s the season for recycling, couldn’t you have at least come up with some new insults?]

Easy. As Groucho Marx once put it: “These are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.”

Thus, the man who once praised Saddam Hussein in adoration and opposed the first Gulf War when the Iraqi tyrant was still occupying Kuwait, was transformed into the main literary cheerleader for the second war.

[Ah, well you would know about “adoration” of Saddam Hussein, not to mention his rapist offspring.]

And he was still blowing the weapons of mass destruction trumpet long after its tinny notes were discredited.

The man who once championed the Palestinian cause became a little echo for Benjamin Netanyahu, denouncing the 10 Turkish dead on the ship Mavi Marmara as “Hamas-sympathisers” who got what they asked for.

[Do you mean that they DIDN’T sympathise with Hamas?  I’m shocked.  And – get your little head around this – it’s possible to champion the Palestinian cause and not become a pimp for what Hitchens would call “gaunt fascists with an Islamic face”.]

Sure his ditties were witty, his parsing precise and, if you like your men drunk, slurred and slobbering, he could be charming no doubt.

[You really know you were outclassed on all fronts – “ditties were witty”, “parsing precise” – is that your way of showing you can do that writing thing as well?]

But when you’re slobbering in support of the re-election of George W Bush for his catastrophic second term, or backing Bush’s handling of the clean-up operation after Hurricane Katrina (where he was the only man in the country other than Bush who thought the Federal Emergency Agency was doing a “heck of a job”) and you have written the script for the most disastrous massacre since Vietnam, I’m afraid literary pretence must be put in its proper place. Down the lavatory.

Hitchens and I shared the ring in an epic “Grapple in the Apple” back in 2005 in Manhattan.

Thousands of people queued around the block for ringside seats paying top dollar for the privilege. You can watch it on YouTube or wait for the DVD, with commentary and my updates, which I will produce shortly.

[My dear, plug your work in the visual media as you will, your most popular appearance on YouTube will continue to be pretending to be a cat in a red leotard.]

Ultimately, the real reason for the ­tear-stained eulogies from the British media commentariat for the late Mr Hitchens is that, by and large, the writers and editors are weeping for themselves.

They share his guilt over the Iraq War and deep inside they know it.

But all the salty tears in the world will not out that damned spot. The next reason is class.

Hitchens was a toff, a Lord. And the English-speaking world, it seems, still likes to love a Lord.

[Admiration undeservedly won, nothing to do with talent of course.  And congratulations for the best example of resentful envy and self-promotion ineptly disguising itself as principled opposition I’ve seen in a long while.]

Above: lest we forget: Galloway is, and always has been, a liar, pro-fascist appeaser and enthusiastic sucker of “strong-men”‘s cocks (writes  Jim Denham).


  1. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    “unbelieving English man”

    remember the idiot is writing his column in the Daily Record – scotchman’s paper for scotchmen dipfuckking eedjiots. So ENGLISH has to be mentioned. Utter lunatic and tosspott catholic filth. ShuD be crucified. No really.

    as for the rest – fuck it – life is *really* too fuckking short. Galloway – a pimp for fascism and a prostitute for it as well.

  2. rebeccalesses said,

    Catholic? If so, why no mention of Christ? I suspect Islam, not Catholicism, with the “God is great” business.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Galloway, the bought-and-paid for creature of Iranian Islamo-fascim and traitor even to his previous depraved creed, Stalinism, addresses a so-called “peace” rally…had this fascistic piece of scum been alive in the thirties. he’d (at best) have been part of the Peace Pledge Union (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peace_Pledge_Union), at worst he’d have grovelled alongside Captain Ramsey (http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/nameless.htm) and DN Pritt (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denis_Nowell_Pritt):

  4. Peter said,

    Monseur Jelly says it all, but just to point out the fantastic research the cat-suited star of Press TV does:

    “Hitchens was a toff, a Lord. And the English-speaking world, it seems, still likes to love a Lord.”

    Hitchens was lower middle class. His mother was Jewish (though concealed it) from Liverpool and later ran a dress shop, his father was a commander in the Navy from Portsmouth who ended up as a bookkeeper. They met during the war when she served as a WREN. They scrimped and saved to send Hitchens to public school so that he could advance in life.

  5. Steveh said,

    Hitchens was a privileged toff who would cower at the sight of a shovel. The reason you like this agent of neo liberalism is because you share his support of the Iraqi slaughter by the Us steroid pumped stormtroopers and others.

    Many noble Marxists have appeared on press tv btw. And it beats Sky or Fox news hands down.

    • Robin Carmody said,

      This *has* to be a parody. If it’s not, it’s genuinely frightening.

      Why can whoever wrote this (assuming it’s serious) not understand that people can hate Fox News and Press TV with equal passion, because ultimately they stand for remarkably similar things?

      Christopher Hitchens did not get everything right at any point in his life, but the basic point of his post-2001 writing – that much of the Left in the English-speaking world were excusing people considerably more religious and considerably right-wing than the vast majority of US Christians under a facade of “anti-imperialism” – is strong. He wore his wounds with pride to his grave, as he was entitled to. You, on the other hand, have betrayed all the humanist and secular principles of the Left. Assuming you are for real.

    • Robin Carmody said,

      If Marxists appear on a channel that promotes religious theocracy and the oppression of the proletariat, it shows how little they know about their own movement, its history and what it (ostensibly) stands for. It’s every bit as indefensible, in the context of Marx’s actual writings, for Marxists to associate with Press TV as it would be for them to associate with Fox News. Don’t judge others by your own corrupt standards.

    • sackcloth and ashes said,

      Given Press TV’s endorsement of Holocaust Denial, and also its shilling for the fascist theocrats in Tehran, I’m not surprised SteveH is such a fan.

  6. Jim Denham said,

    Steve H, like his gaffer Galloway, is a contemptible arse-licking/cock-sucking groveller before some of the vilest, most oppressive regimes in the world. OK: Galloway now gets paid for doing what he used to do for free, but some people (like SteveH) will even now, prostitute themselves for free, and grovel before tyrants. With the inevitable result.

    Fucked without even being paid.

  7. alexander search said,

    shouldnt someone tell george that its caterpillars that turn into butterfles not slugs?

    • Alec said,

      Gabbleway has something about slugs. Here he is on his baby son, evolution and slugs:

      ==> “I was looking at my little six month old baby today beginning to take his first steps crawling across the hall of the Methodist Central Hall today, and it doesn’t look like an accident to me. He doesn’t look like an accident of evolutionary chance to me. I’m not really prepared to believe that from the bottom-dwelling slugs of the pond came the voice of Pavarotti. I’m not really prepared to believe that Albert Einstein and a spider are really the same thing, that they just took a different evolutionary path”

      I have to agree, truth be told. If I were to look at a beautiful, new-born baby, I would be unable to believe it had come from a bottom-dwelling slug in just one generation.


      • Alec said,

        Wait a mo’! “First steps crawling”? He can’t even get ambulation right!


    • Roger said,

      Lets not forget his hilarious ‘I’m Spartacus’ speech where he clearly believes that a Hollywood epic starring Kirk Douglas is a sober recounting of history.

  8. Jim Denham said,

    Be fair: Galloway *is* an authority on crawling.

  9. Steveh said,

    Many Marxists with decades long experience in the movement have contributed to press tv, which in content and form, beats the superficial news churned out by media that Hitchens whored himself to. The fact you do not criticise Hitchens for doing this means you do accept this media and all the values it represents. You simply wouldnt attack press tv in this way if that wasnt the case.

    You have all become very comfortable within the bourgeois horizon.

    Marx, for the record, approvingly quoted fuedal reactionaries because he said they had some of the most effective criticism of capitalism. Press tv does the same today and has more depth than our surface thin news.

    • Robin Carmody said,

      Marx unequivocally regarded capitalism as a lesser evil than feudal reaction, and believed that whereas socialism could be achieved in societies that had been through capitalism, it could never be achieved in societies which had only experienced feudalism. The history of the Soviet Union, and also the areas of Britain which developed deep-rooted and electorally strong socialist traditions when compared to the areas (still with a considerable working class of their own even after industrialisation) which failed to do this in the same way, does rather bear him out.

      Like much of the SWP “anti-imperialism at all costs, whoever you’re lining up alongside” axis, you fundamentally don’t understand Marx, any more than the Mail or Telegraph hacks (with whom you actually *share* a fundamental conservatism and fear) who call all leftists “Marxists” understand him.

      And if Christopher Hitchens “whored” himself by appearing on Sky News, what does that make “Marxists” who ally themselves with a propaganda station for a theocracy which does not allow free trade unions? What words are there left (in both senses)?

      The argument that anyone who criticises Press TV is (for example) pro-Murdoch is as cretinous as the argument that anyone who criticises Stalin is pro-Hitler. But then you’d probably say that yourself, wouldn’t you?

    • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

      the amount of stupid this charachter steeevehaith manages to condense in so few sentences – I’m suprised he doesn’t collapse in on himself.

  10. Jim Denham said,

    “Many Marxists with decades long experience in the movement have contributed to press tv”: names, please.

    “Hitchens whored himself”. You liar!

    “Marx, for the record, approvingly quoted fuedal reactionaries because he said they had some of the most effective criticism of capitalism.” You ignorant and/or lying twat! He granted the reactionay socialists some credit for literary style before stating they were “always ludicrous…through total incapacity to comprehend the march of modern history.”

    Mind you, I can see why you’re drawn to them.

    • Roger said,

      Would these be amongst the ‘Monarchists and Marxists’ who press tv regularly claim are behind every disturbance in Iran itself? e.g,


      I presume he’s actually talking about the likes of Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon who seems to be press tvs pet Jews.

  11. Bob-B said,

    Don’t forget the littel matter of his support for Bashar Al-assad:

    • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

      WHAT IS IT WITH THE WEIRD accent he is putting on here? Fucking nora – wot a dick

      • Rosie said,

        He always does that – if he speaks to an Arab or an Iranian he puts on a kind of foreign accent. If he speaks to an Arab crowd his language gets very flowery. Now if he’d only lived in the 30’s we would have heard him barking in unison with Hitler.

  12. Dave said,

    I am generally of the ‘bus company’ theory when it comes to media outlets. Who cares who runs the bus, so long as the route takes you where you want to go?

    That is why I have in the past written for the Daily Express, and happily appear on rightwing TV and radio shows (Richard Littlejohn, Nick Ferrari etc) if they want a leftie on to spark debate.

    If the media offers you a platform, take it, on the sole condition that you get your message across.

    But the point is that Press TV doesn’t offer that kind of platform, It carefully selects Brit lefties that will say the sort of thing that complies with its editorial line. That sort of exposure isn’t worth having.

    Any ‘Marxist’ that goes on that station and doesn’t argue for the overthrow of the theocracy – or at the very least, in favour of free trade unionism – doesn’t deserve the name. Got that, Steveh?

    • Robin Carmody said,

      Out of interest, Dave, when did you write for the Express? The Rosie Boycott era of the late 90s?

      Neil Clark I should imagine feels thoroughly at home there now.

  13. Jim Denham said,

    Roger: “I presume he’s actually talking about the likes of Norman Finkelstein and Gilad Atzmon who seems to be press tvs pet Jews”: whilst even the SWP and their ilk on the “left” now seem to (grudgingly) accept that Atzmon is, indeed, an anti-semite, Finkelstein still gets an easy ride. I suggest we turn our fire on the filthy Fink.

    • Roger said,

      It just depresses that evidently nobody gives a damn about the betrayal on public service pensions but we can easily whip up a long comment thread on Hitchens.

      These are all distractions and should be avoided.

      • Robin Carmody said,

        I don’t think you can assume the one based on the other.

      • Roger said,

        I take it back after this:


        Anyone who wants to go after Finkelstein now has my blessing.

      • Faster Pussycat Miaow Miaow Miaow! said,

        From his byline: He is the son of Holocaust survivors

        I’ve known quite a few Holocaust survivors and children of Holocaust survivors over the years and oddly that’s not how they introduce themselves. Perhaps I don’t know the secret handshake.

        Considering that Jews make up 0.19% of the world’s population, you would have to say that people’s obsession with them is deeply weird and creepy. All religions are reactionary and steeped in barbarism — the Crusades, genocide in the Americas and more recently (that we know of) the shocking treatment of kids in orphanages, mass child rape, the antics of the christian right or if we take the other ‘major world religion’, women driving causes loss of virginity and homosexuality (all of which are punishable by death). All religions were codified by men seeking power over the lives of others. Thou shalt not, you can’t eat that, you can’t do that, you can’t see that or the sky fairy will hate you and you will be tortured and killed in this world and then over and over again and forever in the next.

      • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

        Finklesteinwotshisname shud be hunted down and killed. that would be funny.

      • Roger said,

        But unfortunately martyrdom would only confirm his own sense of self-importance.

        My own fantasy is that when civilisation collapses he and Atzmon are enslaved by some neo-Nazi redneck survivalist who will un-ironically answer their protestations of anti-zionism with ‘I don’t care what sort of Zionist you are’.

  14. Rosie said,

    Nicked this from HP’s thread:-

    Courtesy of Oliver Kamm, here’s a quote from Tony Benn’s published diaries from 2001-2007, entry dated 5th June 2004:

    ”The Morning Star’ had an article by George Galloway, and in it he said, ‘Britain is currently run by a blood-spattered, lying, crooked group of war criminals.’ Now, first of all I think that’s a totally ineffective way of getting your case across, but secondly, last November George pleaded with me to try to persuade the National Executive to let him stay in the Party. So if I’d succeeded, he would have been still a member of a party currently run by a ‘blood-spattered, lying, crooked group of war criminals’. It put me off George Galloway in a fairly fundamental way. Anyway, that’s enough of that!’

    But that’s GallonsofGall for you.

  15. Jim Denham said,

    Roger: don’t forget that Finkelstein once stated that he’d happily sign a petition supporting any Islamist who wanted to kill Irshad Manji (author of ‘The Trouble with Islam’, and whose life was really under threat at the time – may well still be, in fact).

  16. SteveH said,


    Have been busy over xmas period so didn’t get to respond. Jelly brain has reminded me of this thread.

    Sky News, BBC news and all the other shit that passes for journalism in this country carefully selects who will appear on its programmes. Only some deluded liberal who thinks the enlightenment has actually been achieved would believe otherwise. I cannot count the number of rightist fuckwits who have sat on the sofa of the Andrew Marr show or the endless series of talking heads who appear on the news channels spouting inane untruths. Press TV is no worse in presenting a view of the world that leans toward the interests of those in charge.

    Where Press TV is streets ahead of Sky and the other superficial crap is in content and analysis. It at least attempts to get behind the headlines. And for those on the left it offers a different angle on events than spewed out by the Western media.

    Hitchens whored whimself around the Western media casting an uncritical eye on those who he whored himself upon.

    I have nothing but respect for those Marxists that are prepared to present their message to a wider audience, be it Sky news or Press TV. It’s just Sky won’t have them on and Press TV will.

    • Dave said,

      Is it really the case that lefties cannot get on Sky or BBC News 24? In my experience, if a story is breaking and you have relevant expertise, you can simply ring ’em up and offer to appear and they will send round a car.

      They love it, especially when they can put you up against a rightist and let the sparks fly.

      Socialists don’t take the media sufficiently seriously. The Campaign Group or the LRC should have a round the clock press office, actively pushing socialist views at broadcasters and newspapers.

      If it did that, it could dramatically increase the number of leftwing MPs and activists on the box. That they do not speaks volumes about their lack of seriousness.

      Oh, and I reckon Rosie’s Radio Moscow/Press TV parallel is spot on. Really, its audience in the UK must be tiny.

  17. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    get osler on the tellty. write in to thr tellybox people

  18. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    actually – you cold get me on the teklly box as well – i wouls bw better

    • Rosie said,

      I’ve called Mark Thompson. He says he’ll be in touch very soon and do you own a tie?

  19. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    i haave a tie, it hs aaaa cuurtbsstain onnnoit

  20. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    no seriously – i hsvr s tie – i also hve a jacket

  21. Steveh said,

    Lefties can’t get on tv, they certainly dont get to make in depth programmes that they make for press tv. The best they can hope for is a 2 minute superficial ‘debate’ with some right populist. But i have yet to see a leftists on Sky news given time to put ideas across. All we ever get are ceo’s from some tax dodging company discussing economics with some neo liberal presenter. The left defending this is pitiful.

    • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

      idioTT. MORaNN. Tosser. Dozy cuernTTjerB

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