Return of the Muppets

November 25, 2011 at 7:02 pm (celebrity, comedy, Guardian, Jim D, music, surrealism, TV)

“Some of us, for the record, have always played the music. And some of us, also just to clarify, never stopped lighting the lights. That’s because, for us in the cultural elite, we are always ready to meet the Muppets on The Muppet Show tonight.”

Like the Graun‘s Hadley Freeman, I loved the Muppets and am overjoyed to hear that they’ll soon be back.

They are a genuinely sophisticated act, appealing to all ages at a number of different levels, including slapstick, satire, pathos and surrealism.

Some of the best moments involved the celebrity guest stars, who were never treated with any degree of respect. Yet Roger Moore, Rudolph Nureyev, Carol Channing, Elton John, etc, etc were all happy to subject themselves to the Muppet treatment (a funnier forerunner of Ricky Gervais’s guest spots for good sport celebs in Extras and Life’s Too Short).

Some of the best moments involved Dr Teeth’s band, featuring Zoot on sax and Animal at the drums. Here’s Animal (actual drumming by the late Ronnie Verrell) meeting his nemesis:

Any suggestions for present-day celebs that you’d like to see on the new version?

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