The anti-EU “left” should read the Daily Mail

October 30, 2011 at 7:19 pm (Conseravative Party, Europe, Jim D, populism, stalinism)

The anti-EU “left” should read the Daily Mail. I was tempted to go on and write that they might find more in it to agree with than they would expect. But that would be unfair. I suspect they would, in the main, be suitably appalled. By this poll , in Saturday’s Mail, for instance:

Worryingly for Mr Cameron, most of those
polled believe the 81 Eurosceptic MPs who rebelled in the Commons this week are
‘more in tune with Tory voters’ than the Prime Minister.

Three-quarters said rebel MPs were right to
defy his three-line whip. Mr Cameron admitted yesterday that he must ‘work
harder’ to persuade his backbenchers he is on their side.

The Daily Mail has learned that he has ordered
every Whitehall department to draw up a list of powers to be grabbed back from

Europe Poll: The Results

Read more:

Right, you Morning Star “lefties”: study that Mail poll, and study it good. Note the areas in which the Mail’s respondents want “powers returned”:

* Immigration (86%)

* Human rights law (71%)

* Employment law (65%)

…and you lot (the idiot-“left” who campaign against EU membership) still think your pathetic little “left” anti-EU campaign(s) can somehow be “progressive”? Wake up, you morons! Sometimes the left has to fight for leadership of public opinion…this is one of those times.


  1. representingthemambo said,

    I’m really glad someone on the left is challenging the nationalist/stalinist/bennite consensus dominates so much of the conversation on the left. So for once Shiraz Socialist, thank you!
    I’ve tried to add something myself on our blog. I’m not sure what your views and the views of your commenters are on a referendum. I think we should have one, the left shouldn’t run away from making the case.

  2. representingthemambo said,

    that should be
    “that dominates so much….”

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Very sensible comments over at Representing The Mambo (link to above). Yes, there is a danger of those of us on the left, who refuse to jump on the anti-EU bandwagon, appearing to be anti-democratic. I agree that we cannot, in principle oppose the call for a referendum, and like you, I’m optimistic that we can win our case. The recent Tory backbench motion calling for a referendum was so clearly part of a right wing anti-EU campaign, that I cannopt see how any leftist could have voted for it. The 19 Labour MP’s (and Caroline Lucas and a solitary Lib Dem), were making a big mistake if they thought that they could make a distinctive case for a referendum and/or a “different” sort of Europe, by voting with the most right-wing element of the Tory Party.

    In the ‘Morning Star’, one Steve McGiffen, while making the usual Stalinist anti-EU noises, warned against the dangers of lining up with the Tories, and argued for workers’ unity and a levelling-up of workers’ rights across Europe:

    Apart from the ritual anti-EU posturing, it’s actually not a bad article. Tragically, I suspect this miserable, bigotted response is more representative of the typical Morning Star reader:

  4. SteveH said,

    Why are we surprised by the findings of the Daily Mail? We know the masses views on immigration, unless we live in some ivory tower or never venture out of sect land. A major contributor to these right populist views is the imperialist actions of this country and its colonial past. So by your slavish support for the aforementioned you do more to entrench anti EU and anti immigrant views than does the whole anti EU left combined.

  5. charliethechulo said,

    “A major contributor to these right populist views is the imperialist actions of this country and its colonial past. So by your slavish support for the aforementioned…” blah, blah, blah…

    Bloody hell, it’s pathetic, isn’t it?

    Learn to fucking well THINK, you moron:

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