Europhobes to the right…and “left”

October 23, 2011 at 8:05 pm (David Cameron, economics, Europe, immigration, Jim D, Racism, stalinism)

There’ll be fun and games in the Commons tomorrow as the Tories (hopefully) tear themselves apart over that favourite obsession of every little-Englander, reactionary and bigot – the EU. It is expected that over 100  Tory backbenchers will defy Cameron’s three-line whip and vote for David Nuttall’s motion calling for a referendum. There is talk of around half a dozen parliamentary private secretaries, and possibly even some ministers, resigning.

And for once, Ed Miliband is doing the right thing: resisting the temptation of abstaining or even supporting the Europhobes in some cheap populist gesture.

It will be fun watching the Tories falling out and the coalition splitting (albeit temporarily). But sadly, some very, very stupid people supposedly on the “left” are lining up with the little-England bigots, and trying to make out that what’s at stake is ‘democracy’ or even ‘workers’ rights’ (which is particularly laughable, given that what the Tory Europhobes particularly hate about Europe is the employment protection legislation it’s forced Britain to implement).

Yesterday’s Morning Star ‘s front page headline was  DEMOCRACY’S DEFENDERS RALLY BEFORE CRUNCH VOTE and reported that something calling itself The People’s Pledge Congress is demanding support for the Nuttall motion and has rallied “pro-democracy campaigners from across the political spectrum to demand a referendum on EU membership.” What exactly is the People’s Pledge Congress? No prizes for guessing: it’s the usual band of geriatric Stalinists, RMT bureaucrats and assorted idiots who think there’s something “progressive” about joining forces with the extreme right of the Tory Party to attack Europe. Will these people never learn? Can they not grasp that their anti-EU obsession is inevitably reactionary, nationalist and, indeed, racist. Yes, racist: increasingly, they’re concentrating their fire on Mode 4, the EU concession that allows transnationally-established companies to move workers across borders. Now, of course, this is a charter for cheap labour and under-cutting pay and conditions. We’d support trade union action to prevent jobs and pay being cut by bosses bringing in cheap labour  (as at Lindsey oil terminal in 2009 – despite some reservations), but this is quite different: what No2EU and the Morning Star are doing in their obsession with Mode 4, is demanding tighter immigration controls. The reactionary, racist logic of the anti-EU campaign (whether from the right or the idiot-“left”) has never been clearer.


  1. Domini-Canes said,

    The empty raving of a collection of lonely fools who know the game is up. What a shame.

  2. SteveH said,

    Typical Shiraz idiocy. The Tories are split on Europe so the anti Europeans and the pro Europeans contain elements from left and right which sort of undermines your ‘argument’ here.

    Instead of playing this cretinous game of a right winger is anti Europe so the left supporters are the same as the right try making the positive case for the EU. Then we can respond to your article in a way that creates meaningful discussion. Instead you post an article that can only lead to name calling and petty sniding. Talk about anti enlightenment!

    • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

      cretin and moarAN

  3. dzbodenberg said,

    I’ve never heard of this “Mode 4” before – but the obvious demand against it is – as campaigned for with some success by the German trade unions – is legally-binding minimum wages (e.g. making wage agreements binding across an industry in a particular area/country), binding on the place of work, not where the employer is based.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    From today’s ‘Morning Star’:

    EU vote spat ‘puts workers at risk’

    Monday 24 October 2011

    by Paddy McGuffin, Home Affairs Reporter

    The rift between the Tories over the European Union sparked fears today that the Prime Minister would launch a fresh attack on workers’ rights.

    Construction union Ucatt warned that David Cameron may try to appease Eurosceptic backbenchers within his own party by seeking to remove Britain from many of the existing EU directives on employment, social affairs and safety.

    At the EU summit in Brussels on Sunday the PM attempted to draw some of the heat from a backbench revolt at last night’s vote on an EU referendum by suggesting that Britain could exploit the eurozone crisis to start reclaiming powers from the EU.

    Ucatt said that the European legislation underpinned many of the most basic rights enjoyed by British workers.

    Among the key rights enshrined in the legislation are the right to paid holidays for all workers, maternity and paternity rights, protections on preventing employees from working excessive hours and the newly introduced directive which ensures equal treatment for agency workers.

    European legislation also underpins vital safety legislation, including asbestos regulations which ban the use and import of asbestos and legislation which requires companies to undertake risk assessments to ensure that workers are not placed in danger in the workplace.

    Ucatt acting general secretary George Guy said: “It is disgraceful that David Cameron is prepared to sell out British workers to appease his rabid backbenchers.

    “Yet he does not to want to renegotiate the treaties, which advantage his friends the bankers and Tory donors in the City.

    “Cameron likes to claim we are all in this together but that statement is rather hollow when his party is split down the middle and doesn’t know whether they want to be in or out of Europe.”

  5. MikeH said,

    You’re very badly informed on just about every aspect you comment on here. Possibly the only person left who thinks the EU has no democratic deficit and centralising ever more law-making powers in largely unaccountable EU institutions requires no explicit public approval. What you say here is more aligned with old-style, fascist extremism than anything I’ve heard from the so-called europhobes, nevermind those who simply support the idea of giving people a say on today’s EU after getting on for 40 years. I understand that some of those speaking at the People’s Pledge event you refer to would vote for Britain to say in the EU. Europhobes, much? Recommend checking your facts next time.

    • Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

      another iddioTT. piss

  6. The EU and democracy « Representing the Mambo said,

    […] left that have a position that I would suggest is remotely sensible. Some of them seem to post on Shiraz Socialist. A Lib Dem MP wrote a really sensible article in the Guardian the other day. I think […]

  7. hercules mcguire said,

    “geriatric Stalinists”??? The CP is still the ONLY organisation on the left that has a DAILY paper supporting working class fightback….and has a proud proud history within the labour movement supporting workers in struggle everywhere and is the most active left organisation in the peace movement…..nothing “geriatric” about an organisation that still has a DAILY paper……

  8. Monsuer Jelly est Formidable said,

    good grief.

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