Dale Farm info-night, Cambridge

August 20, 2011 at 12:08 am (Anti-Racism, Civil liberties, Jim D, travellers)

From Ozzy (United Left email list):

If anyone fancies a trip to Cambridge on Monday 22nd August, we have a meeting planned to discuss solidarity with the travellers under threat of eviction from Dale Farm in Essex:

7.30 pm: ‘Dale Farm’ – a short film

8.00 pm: Kathleen O’Brien; an Irish traveller family living in Dale Farm will discuss the impact of repeated evictions and police questionings

8.45 pm: Dale Farm Solidarity; local supporters will talk about traveller history and about how the solidarity movement is working to support the Dale Farm community.

Dale Farm, in Basildon, Essex, just 50 miles from Cambridge, and Europe’s largest Traveller site, faces imminent demolition. Although repeatedly described by Basildon council as green-belt land, Dale Farm was a concreted scrap yard when it was bought by Travellers more than 30 years ago and there is documentary evidence proving this. Since then, Dale farm has become a vibrant community of Irish Travellers. But from midnight on August 31st 2011, half the site, including around 90 families, more than 100 children and many seriously ill older residents, will be liable to forced evictions. Basildon Council is set to spend £18 million on an avoidable eviction at a time of cuts and widespread social unrest. This action is indefensible. It is a huge waste of public money that should be spent on supporting, not destroying, communities. It is also an act of ethnic cleanising which will result in huindreds of Travellers being made homeless, being pushed out of the area, severed from family and friends, from schools and vital health care services.

Dale Farm families have offered to leave peacefully given an appropriate alternative place to live, but the council has refused to fulfil itsobligation to provide more Traveller pitches. in August 2011, the UN Special Rapporteur on Adequate Housing, and Amnesty International have spoken out in condemnation of Basildon Council’s proposed forced evacuations at Dale Farm.

Come to the Cambridge info-night on 22nd August to find out more: The Old School Meeting Room, rear of St Barnabus Church, Mill Road, Cambridge.


email: savedalefarm@gmail.com

Press contact: Jessica 07747778811

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