Pauline Pearce speaks out

August 10, 2011 at 5:39 pm (Johnny Lewis, protest, riots)

By Will Stone, in today’s Morning Star:

A HACKNEY woman watched online by almost a million nationwide after she was videoed denouncing the riots spoke exclusively to the Morning Star on Monday following her speech.

Dalston resident Pauline Pearce gathered a crowd in Hackney’s Clarence Road shortly before 9.30pm on Monday night as rioters and stragglers hung about in the street among burnt out cars, vans, bicycles and motorbikes.

Masked youths threw stones and bricks at riot police while others continued to loot an off license that was broken into earlier in the day.

Glass bottles were lobbed at newly arriving riot police vans entering Clarence Road to provide back-up to the handful of officers trying in vein to keep the road under control.

Holding a walking stick and standing in front of a graffitied was, Ms Pearce bravely addressed rioters holding bricks and stones who had stopped to listen to her.

She told onlookers: “Go home. People need to get back to reality not blowing up people’s property or burning up people’s shops when they’ve worked so hard to start their own business.

“The woman up the street, she’s working hard to make her business work and you lot want to go and burn it up for what? Just to say that you’re warring and you’re ‘bad man.’

“This is about a man who got shot in Tottenham, not about having fun and busting up the place. Get real.

“You should be doing it for a cause. If we’re fighting for a cause, let’s fight for a cause. You lot piss me off. I’m ashamed to be a Hackney person.

“We’re not all gathering together and fighting for a cause.

“We’re running down Foot Locker to get new shoes.”

Moments later she told the Morning Star: “I feel hurt by what I’m seeing. This is not what I’ve lived here for decades to witness.

“This is a riot for rioting’s sake. It’s not about fighting for a cause or against injustice. That’s what real protesting should be about.

“Instead I’m seeing my local community being smashed up around me, young children crying, innocent people’s cars and bikes being destroyed and families being terrorised by threat of being burned alive.”


  1. Jim Denham said,

    This man’s dignity and decency is truly incredible:

  2. sackcloth and ashes said,

    I never thought I’d ever see a good article in the ‘Morning Star’.

    Tariq Jahan’s dignity and humanity in the face of grief also moved me to tears.

  3. Monsieur Jelly est formidable said,

    oh fuck off sashcloth and bashes – you are a cunt who applauds hp saucer cuntishness whenever and wherever. you are one of them weird internet creeps with a fetish for a bleerrghH.

    excellent article here:

    probably the best i have seen for a long time

  4. sackcloth and ashes said,

    Hello Will, are you still having problems with alcohol abuse?

  5. sploosh said,

    A moving speech by a moving woman, wonder if it got through those looting idiots’ thick skulls.

    @Monsieur Jelly est stultus:
    So much bullshit.
    Should have just shortened it to “I’m a thief and proud of it.”

    Have fun justifying your criminal ways and pulling the race card as soon as you’re caught and put in prison where you bloody belong. 😉

  6. Jim Denham said,

    It seems that the wonderful Ms Pearce is/was a jazz singer of some note:

  7. English riots update | Dear Kitty. Some blog said,

    […] A Hackney woman watched online by almost a million nationwide after she was videoed denouncing the riots spoke exclusively to the Morning Star on Monday following her speech: here. […]

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